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Void Mage Void Mage
Race Asura
Job Change Master Class
Job Class Magician Class
Previous Job Chaos Magician
Common role(s)
Job preferred Weapon(s)

Two handed staff, or Magewall+One handed staff

Asura Magician Master Class
Magician who has strong magic attack and give damage by weakness skill. It can attack multiple targets in efficient way, and also it resets cool time of all skills.

The expected role of a Void Mage is to DD. Mainly DD, although it also has buffs, it's DDing abilities put most classes to shame



The Void Mage packs a serious punch in magical attack with a strong arsenal of area-of-effect and chain spells that deal some serious damage and damage over time. Simply put, a Void Mage can one-frag any HC boss, and defeat any class in PvP.

Also, the Void Mage holds a decent amount of magical defense to guard herself from incoming magical attacks.


Just like most mages, The Void Mage also lacks in defense where it's to the point to be severe. Although Void Mages suffer in vitality, Void Mages are able to solo effiecntly because of Magic Skin which takes 44% of incoming physical damage to MP. Also, the Void Mage's wisdom is below average usually, so stoning yourself wisdom would be wise.

As of Haste of Conjuror skill only cast 1 spell instead of casting for the entire 7 seconds.

Notable SkillsEdit

Chrono Shift - Completely resets the cooltime of all your spells. Does not include Grace. Will be excellent for PVP with the upcoming damage nerf.

Chain Lightning - Highly damaging, bouncing AoE. Damage is increased significantly with your Tempest and Heed of the Conjuror self buffs.

Magic Skin/Neutralize Magic - Shields that allow 33%+ of both physical and magical damage to your MP pool.

Crystal Aura - Passive that increases your max MP by 15%, and converts 5% of your max MP to M. Atk.

Grim Attrition - Self-buff that increases DoT effects by 300% of your Int.

Tempest/Spirit of Fire - Self-buffs that increases the damage of your Lightning and Fire spells by 30% (or higher) for the duration.


[List of broken skills and features, if applies]

Recommended BuildsEdit

TP Setups


This is the most common TP allocation. Most VMs will take this route.

Chain Lightning is an extremely potent AoE, and its damage is boosted with the effect of Tempest and Heed of the Conjuror, making it one of the most powerful AoEs in the game, despite its damage being reduced with each bounce.

This build will also give you max level buffs, spams, Fireball and Skins.


PVP only build.

Chrono Shift is often overlooked, and in PVP's current state, it is still quite weak.

However, with the upcoming PVP damage nerf, Chrono Shift will become useful again for those who are only interested in PVP.

You lose Chain Lightning with this setup, so anyone who plans on doing PVE content should not choose this build.

In PVP, this will give you 54+ seconds of Meteor Shower, 30+ hits of Dark Spiral, and you will be able to reset the cooldowns on all your stuns and potent attacks (Heavens' Breaker and Fire Blast, for example)


One of the less popular builds.

This one is more geared towards solo play, tanking, and high survivability. It is the build of choice if you would like to solo bosses.

You get skills from all 3 Void Mage trees, and you also have the very potent self-heal ability in Sadism.

However, you lose out on a fairly large chunk of both AoE and single-target damage with Chain Lightning.

This build benefits from a Vit setup, so choose wisely.

TP Builds with 7 TPs


This is by far the most popular build. It will provide you with maxed out sadism (heals on every cast), maxed out heed, both spams, and the AoE Chain lightning. This is the recommended build for AOE farming and PVE.


This is a build only used by PvP players in general. It gives you 1 lower level of heed, but provides you with 'Chrono Shift'. It will not be useful in PvE, as most the useful skills have a short CD. It should be noted that the tooltip is wrong, and the CD for chrono-shift is likely less than 5 minutes, depending on your helmet.


This is the second viable option for PvE VMs. The 3 TP in first tree give you 'Crushing Shadows'. This is mainly useful against bosses with high MDEF, such as on Island Of Forgotten Gods, or revived bosses. It will reduce the mob MDEF by 10% per stack, stackable 3 times. Most players will opt for 2-3-2, because 2 TPs on 1st tree already gives you a permanent 20% mdef reduction.


Argoth Set - Can prove useful before level 160 if you are having M. Accuracy issues. But, you will be extremely squishy. This is outdated and most will not use it after 160

Anessa belt - This is the tanky belt. A VM is already tanky, but with this belt, even if the monsters CC, you will have more than enough HP to survive. Also a viable option for PvP.

Bear Skin Belt (Magical Asura) - Excellent belt. Provides an extra level to almost all of your spells. Use in conjunction with a Monarch pet for 2 extra spell levels. Allows you to wear two Boar's Rings for a nice HP boost.

Belt pets

  • 3x s3 Angel, or higher. (Or 3xS1White Dragons, if affordable)
  • Mephisto Card (Crustalino if you're on a budget)

For the last 2 slots, depending on your needs, either Cast Speed Soul Pets, M. Accuracy Soul Pets, or Unicorns.

Soulstone Setups



Void Mages can have accuracy issues before level 160. Socketing Wisdom will help to alleviate that, somewhat.


Make sure to have M. Accuracy on your weapon, armour, and gloves.


This will take advantage of your skillset, namely Crystal Aura and Grim Attrition.


Void Mages are generally pure DDs.

But, if you find yourself tanking, or feel you need that extra HP for PVP scenarios, a Vit setup could prove useful.

This won't be taking full advantage of your skillset, though.

Epic 9.2+ Edit: What to look for on your PW gear

There are 3 main option that you look for on parallel world.

1-Crystal Aura: This is a ridiculously OP option. It will give you matk from MP, and the rate of conversion increases per level by 2.5%. Contrary to popular belief, the conversion acts as a FINAL conversion - calculated after buffs, pieces, etc. It will stack very well if you are on int/build, gaining upto 3-4k m.atk per piece.

But note that this is the most expensive option.

2-Heed of Conjurer: Each piece of this gear will give you +5 to your heed, and at level 9 it will become 0 CD. +5 to heed translates to a 0.05 increase in the multiplier. Unlike spirit and tempest, this applies to all elements (Fire, lightning, darkness, etc). The increase in damage is less than CA, but you will find it cheaper.

3-Spirit or tempest gear: The reasoning is the same as the above, but it will only apply to one element-type. Not all.

4-3s Good stats gear: This is the final option. In the case you can't afford the above, look for gloves/armour with high macc, and 3s, and boots with eva/mov spd. Clearly not as good as the above since it doesn't take advantage of the +1 to the skill


Soul healer

2x 8 second cooldown heals

2x Cast speed unities, or 1x cast spd and 1x pick (for the added HP)

Equivalent Exchange for a nice matk boost. Quite significant if you have access to HV buffs as well. (stack with Naga Relic for ~1500 matk with HV)

Master Devotion for a free, permanent boost to your stats.

If possible, finding a pet with perfect passives is also recommended.

Unicorn Relic isn't a bad choice. The Vit boost can be quite useful.



Void Mage Costumes
Rank 3
Demonhide GarbDemonhide Garb Hellish GarbHellish Garb
All races
Anger RobeAnger Robe
Rank 4
Shadow GarbShadow Garb
All races
Sacred RobeSacred Robe Druid of Belief SmallDruid of Belief
Rank 5
All races
Steel Devil RobeSteel Devil Robe Meteoric RobeMeteoric Robe Druid of Proud ThumbDruid of Proud
Rank 6
All races
Robe of RejectionRobe of Rejection Druid of departed soul iconDruid of Departed Soul
Rank 7
Lv 150 Lv 155 Lv 160
White Majester RobeCrystalline Robe NemesisNemesis Armor Jahaq's InheritanceStasis Robe


R1 Cap Icon Cap Bandana IconBandana
R2 Wooden Helmet Icon Wooden Helmet Kypa IconKypa Circlet of Concentration IconCirclet of Concentration
R3 Metal Helm Icon Bone Helmet Metal Helm IconWar Gear Spirit Linker IconSpirit Linker
R4 Metal Helm Icon Excellent Helm Metal Helm IconWar Helm Vision of Soul IconVision of Soul
R5 Metal Helm Icon Ancient Helm Illusionary MindIllusionary Mind
R6 Metal Helm Icon Guard's Helm Enlightened SightEnlightened Sight

Icon helmet priest whitedragon White Majester Coronet


[Tables of the weapons that are preferred by the job; one sub section per type]

Job level bonus sta​​ts

edit data
JLv Str Vit Agi Int Wis Dex Luck
2 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
3 0 0 0 1 1 0 0
4 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
5 0 0 0 1 1 0 1
Sum 155 172 156 253 237 156 67

From 41 to 42

Str 3

Vit 5

Agi 3

Int 7

Wis 6

Dex 4

Luck 2

this with full belt


VM Skills

Left Column: Damage + PassivesEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Apostle Of Darkness Apostle Of Darkness 1 TP
Per Lvl
2/2 passive: ignore 20% M.Def. +20% M.Penetration.
Crushing Shadows CrushingShadows 1 TP 1/1 Passive: when attacking with Shadow skills , 100% chance to reduce target's magical defense (-12% M.Def) and move speed (-10% Move Speed), may stack 3X
Suppression Suppression JP 1/3 Passive: Enhances skill, Increasing the performance.
Spell Breaker Spell Breaker JP 11/11 88% Chance to Cancel Targets Casting and 100% chance to Silence, cool down = 40sec
Darkness Arrow Icon Darkness Arrow JP 20 Strong M.Atk Skill - 8 hit skill - ~7.2k dmg per hit, cool down = 1min
Life Leech Life Leech JP 20/20 Damages target (~8.5k dmg), and absorbs 70% of damage as HP:
Level 20 life leach does 1.75 times as much damage as level 10.
Abyssal Grip Abyssal Grip JP 10/10 Attacks (~7k dmg) and Holds target for: 2 seconds at level 1; 4 seconds at level 10.
Sadism Sadism JP 10/10 Passive: ~0.3% chance of recovering damage dealt as hp.
Sharp Tongue Sharp Tongue JP 10/10 Passive: 80% resistance to silence effect.
Heed Of The Conjuror Heed Of The Conjuror JP 4/4 Selfbuff: +25 M.Atk. (Multiplier) to next spell Duration: 15s, CD: 10m, Cast Time: instant MP: 300

Middle Column: Damage DealingEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Crystal Aura Crystal Aura 1 TP
2/2 Passive: +10% Max MP, 5%of Max MP coverts into M.Atk.
Chain Lightning Chain Lightning 1 TP 1/1 Shoots a ball of lightning that can bounce and hit up to 5 unique targets, ~30.6k dmg, -20% atk per bounce, distance = 5m.
Shock Therapy Shock Therapy JP 1/3
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.4sec, -10% atk per bounce
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.4sec, -7% atk per bounce
Passive: Reduces CD by 0.4sec, -5% atk per bounce
Inferno Fire Arrow Inferno Fire Arrow JP 10/10 does ~31.5k dmg, CD = 0.6sec, Takes ~3x as long to cast as regular fire arrow, does ~3x as much damage.
Fire Ball Fire Ball JP 30/30 Damages the target (~15k dmg) and applies a 9sec DOT (13k dmg/tick, 1 tick every 2sec)
Meteor Shower Meteor Shower JP 11/11 27 sec AOE that fears targets (within an 8m radius for 6 seconds at a time) and damages targets (300 dmg), CD = 10 min.
Spirit of Fire Icon Spirit of Fire JP 10/10 Increases damage to all Fire based spells +30 M.Atk, Duration = 1min, 20sec, CD = 5min
Dark Renewall Dark Renewal JP 10/10 Passive: 10% of M.Atk, is added to HP and MP recovery.
Grim Attrition Grim Attrition JP 10/10 Selfbuff: Increase the Damage Over Time effects by 300% of your Int. Duration: 30m, CD: 15s, Cast Time: instant MP: 1100

Right Column: SupportEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Time Lapse Time Lapse 1 TP
2/2 Passive: chance to reduce all damage magic skills cool-down, -5sec
Chrono Shift Chrono Shift 1 TP 1/1 Resets all cool downs on attack skills: CD = 30min
Temporal Mastery Temporal Mastery JP 1/3 Passive: Reduced CD, -225 sec (or 3min 45sec) Passive: Reduced CD, -450 sec (or 7min 45sec) Passive: Reduced CD, -675 sec (or 11min 15sec)
Magic Skin Magic Skin JP 7/7 5 min buff that decreases 35% of HP physical damage by consuming the same amount of MP. 5 min CD
Neutralize Magic Neutralize Magic JP 7/7

5 min buff that decreases 36% of HP magical damage by consuming the same amount of MP. 5 min CD

Maelstrom Bolt Maelstrom Bolt JP 10/10 ~31.5k dmg, CD = 0.6sec, MP: 246
Tempest Tempest JP 10/10 Increases damage to all Lightning spells for 1min 20 sec, +30 M.atk, CD = 5min.
Wind Weapon Icon Wind Weapon JP 10/10 AOE Buff: +10% Attack Speed & +10% Cast speed, Duration = 30min, Radius = 4m, CD = 15sec.
Dark Might Icon Dark Might JP 20/20 AOE Buff: increases the damage of basic and skill attacks (+196 dmg to basic attacks, +392 to all skill attacks), Radius = 4m, Duration = 30min, CD = 15sec.
Haste of Conjuror Haste of Conjuror JP 5/5 Self-Buff: Allows all spell to be cast instantly for 7.5sec CD = 10min.

Asura Racial BuffsEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Asuran Haste Asuran Haste JP 7/7 Buff: +7 Atk./Cast Spd. for 30m, CD=15s
MP: 385
Evasive Resilience Evasive Resilience JP 7/7 passive: 140% of Evasion added to max HP

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