Basic RulesEdit

To access Ursa Caverns, click the Ursa Caverns button at the bottom of your screen or hit Alt + N to open a window allowing immediate access to Ursa Caverns (and the Deathmatch Arenas). You'll be teleported to the lobby of the appropriate tier (see below), between Gen Point Vendor Cleo and Warehouse Keeper Varona. Exiting Ursa Caverns (by clicking the Exit room button) takes you to your return location.

Once into Ursa Caverns lobby, you can create or join a party. Those parties will not begin until the leader allows it. Once the leader allows the party to enter everyone has 10 seconds to buff up before being teleported into the Caverns.

Once teleported into the main dungeon, you have 25 minutes during which you must defeat Ursas to earn as many points as possible. The amount of points you earn will determine what you receive from your Ursa Caverns adventure.

You can use Ursa Caverns as a cost-free route to teleport from the field back to your return area. This renders return scrolls superfluous unless you need to return more than 12 times in a day.

Using the Exit room button while in an adventure before getting 3000 points will give the player a debuff: Mov. Spd. -90% for 60 seconds.

Mechanics of Room CreationEdit

Click on the large purple hand statue. Enter a name for your room. The room name may not contain spaces or underscores. If you try to create "My room" or "My_room" it will fail without explaining why.

Choose the maximum number of players. You may optionally add a password, meaning only those knowing the password can join your room. There seems to be no good reason for choosing less than the maximum allowed, which is 8. Similarly, unless you have 7 friends lined up ready to join you, there seems no good reason for adding a password. If you leave the password blank then again anyone else seeing your room can join you. There is no disadvantage in having more people in the room since this increases the chances you can reach the required target number of points.

The Point SystemEdit

For every Ursa that is defeated in the dungeon, players will earn points. The adventure in Ursa Caverns is successful only if the player earns 3000 or more of these points. In that case, the player receives a Victory Box and some Gen Points. If the adventure is failed, no Gen Points are given but the player receives Sympathy Box.

During an adventure in Ursa Caverns, the player can earn up to 6000 points. Once that amount obtained, a message box congratulating the player shows up and suggests to exit the room. The Gen Points given at the end of the adventure depends on the number of points earned: 11% (rounded up) of the points earned in the Caverns are given in Gen Points.

Bears of varying difficulty are worth different amounts of Points. Based on the difficulty of the monster, users can earn 1, 5, 10, or 150 Points upon successfully defeating an appropriate monster.

If a player dies in the Caverns they can be revived like in a Dungeon. If a player is dead when the time limit runs out it WILL count as a failure, regardless of whether the party hit the 3k mark

When the time runs out, the game ends and players will automatically be teleported back to the lobby, where the rewards of the adventure are given.

Level TiersEdit

Parties of similar levels will enter an instance of Ursa Caverns that is spawned appropriately for their level range. The level range breakdown is listed below:

Ursa Map

This map is currently not completely accurate.

  • Tier 1: [Level 1 - 14]
  • Tier 2: [Level 15-19]
  • Tier 3: [Level 20-34]
  • Tier 4: [Level 35 - 49]
  • Tier 5: [Level 50 - 64]
  • Tier 6: [Level 65 - 79]
  • Tier 7: [Level 80 - 94]
  • Tier 8: [Level 95 - 109]
  • Tier 9: [Level 110 - 124]
  • Tier 10: [Level 125 - 139]
  • Tier 11: [Level 140 - 154]
  • Tier 12: [Level 155 - 170]
  • Tier 13: [Level 170]

Tips to winEdit

  • Do not bother killing 1 point bears, try making it to the room/spot that has many 10 point ursas.
  • So far, try not to attack the boss, it attracts aggro from the other bears.
  • Don't have all party members in the same spot. Divide your party into small groups, at least try to separate into two parties. 3 and 4 parties can be quite effective too.
  • If you are low on HP or Mp, be patient, stay at 1 spot, wait for the ursa to respawn, and while doing so heal some HP or MP.
  • Don't log out, otherwise you will be teleported to the town outside of the ursa dungeon.
  • Area of Effect skills/spells are extremely effective here, notably the Anger of Spirit skill for the Evoker/Spell Singer class.
  • Do not sit and wait for respawn unless you have to. While you are wasting time you could be killing bears. Most rooms are rather large and you should be able to run around the edge killing bears. Usually by the time you get to where you started, those bears will have respawned. After a while bears will respawn slower if a room has seen repeated kills. When this happens move to another room because they soon begin to stop spawning
  • If you get surrounded, getting on a mount will only result in falling injury.
  • Do most of your Ursa attempts when you are near the top of any of the level ranges shown in the previous section. This is when the bear's levels will exceed your level by the least amount, making the fights easiest to complete.
  • There are typos, Ursa Elders are actually called Ursa Matriarchs or Big Head Bear 1048 in the caverns. The real Martiachs are Ursa Guard-sized and have 3 arrows beside their names, with a small mark on their forehead. Ursa Elders are the big ones.
  • Ursa Grinding solo
    • It is generally suggested to use a deleveled Warlock, Chaos Magician or Archer. Other jobs have also been reported to be able to grind in Ursa.
    • Get a Red name. This will slow down the Experience Points earned during your adventures, thus reducing the deleveling frequency.
    • Avoid earning Stamina for the same reason stated above. (Tents and Hidden Village Passes will give you Stamina while you're offline.)
    • Food/drinks are consumable while mounted, and do not stop you while you're running. These items are preferable over potions and scrolls.
    • Having a healing pet may be useful but not required, depending on your level/job level.
    • When a room is completed, use a mount to travel in the corridors, time is precious.
    • Learn a good route, and learn it well.
    • Try different routes.
    • Try different levels/tiers/equipment/job.
    • Enjoy it. ;)

Fun Facts!Edit

  • Maximum daily entries in Ursa Caverns: 12
  • Time given for an adventure: 25 minutes
  • Sympathy Box reward: 50-100 Gen Points
  • Victory Box reward: 100-350 Gen Points
  • Minimum points to get Gen Points: 3000
  • Maximum points one can earn in the Caverns: 6000
  • Points/Gen Points ratio: Gen Points = CEILING(Points * 0.11)
  • Minimum Gen Points on a successful adventure (excluding Victory Box): 330
  • Maximum Gen Points on a successful adventure (excluding Victory Box): 660
  • Minimum Gen Points on a successful adventure (including Victory Box): 430
  • Maximum Gen Points on a successful adventure (including Victory Box): 1010
  • Assuming a player is able to earn 660 Gen Points per adventure of 25 minutes but is unlucky when opening the Victory Box and earns only 100 Gen Points per Victory Box
    • Adventures required to get a full bear deco set (21,100 Gen Points): 28 (3 days/11h40m)
    • Adventures required to get a Mystic Koala (1,000,000 Gen Points): 1316 (110 days/22d20h20m)
  • Assuming a player is able to earn 660 Gen Points per adventure of 25 minutes and is very lucky when opening the Victory Box and earns the full 350 Gen Points per Victory Box
    • Adventures required to get a full bear deco set (21,100 Gen Points): 21 (2 days/8h45m)
    • Adventures required to get a Mystic Koala (1,000,000 Gen Points): 991 (83 days/17d4h55m)
  • Assuming a player is able to earn 660 Gen Points per adventure of 25 minutes and earns an average of 225 Gen Points per Victory Box (885 Gen Points per adventure)
    • Adventures required to get a full bear deco set (21,100 Gen Points): 24 (2 days/10h)
    • Adventures required to get a Mystic Koala (1,000,000 Gen Points): 1130 (95 days/19d14h50m)

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