What does Field of Corruption do?


According to a table at RAD-community it does the following:

"AOE, der jede Sekunde magischen Schaden verursacht und zusätzlich die Party heilt
(Schaden je Sekunde: M.Atk. * 36%, Heilung je Sekunde: M.Atk. * 46%, Effektradius 5m)":


"combined area of effect skill, both dealing damage over time and healing whole party over time.
(damage per second: matk *36%, heal per second: matk * 46%, 5m range)"

cast time: 1,5 Sek. / cool down: 5 Min. / effect-time: 10 Sek. / lvl 1: 388 MP / costs 2 JP to get lvl 1

InvalidValue 14:17, July 28, 2010 (UTC)

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