Stamina status
Below your character's HP and MP gauge is an EXP bar showing progress toward your next level. If you hover your mouse over that bar then a tool-tip style pop-up window appears and displays your current stamina as well as the max stamina you can store.

Even without hovering your mouse cursor the color of the EXP bar indicates whether your stamina is excellent, good or low.

As you defeat mobs you earn JP and EXP. If your stamina points equal (or exceed) the JP earned then you will automatically exchange stamina points for bonus JP and EXP. This so-called "stamina bonus" is equal to the JP and EXP that you would have received with zero stamina points and so it effectively doubles the JP and EXP received.

  • Note that the system reports two lines of messages:
    1. The first line reports the total EXP and JP gained (i.e. including the stamina bonus)
    2. The second line reports that portion of the total that was due to the stamina bonus.

As you consume stamina it will regenerate at the rate of about one point every minute. If you return to a village area then the recovery rate doubles.

  • You do not recover stamina while you are logged out.

That is why so many players set up a shop while they are AFK. It indicates that they are probably AFK and it allows them to perhaps make some profit while they are recovering stamina.

Stamina related consumablesEdit

At the Cash Shop you may purchase the following consumables to help with stamina:

Carrying a tent in your inventory gives you the same stamina recovery rate as being in a village area but it also allows your character to recover stamina while offline. Tents cannot be traded.
Hidden Village Pass
In addition to providing teleport access to Hidden Village it has the same effect as a tent.
Stamina savers (a.k.a. SS)
These can be traded if bought from the CS but not if earned from a TI quest. A stamina saver starts a one hour duration buff. While this buff is active you do not consume stamina points when you receive the stamina bonus JP and EXP.

You may also earn the following as rewards for completing certain quests:

Trainee's Tent
Just like a cash shop tent only this item cannot be removed from carried inventory.
Trainee's Stamina Savers
Just like a cash shop stamina saver only this item cannot be removed from carried inventory.
Stamina potions (Sta 500 and Sta 1000)
These give you an immediate boost in stamina. They cannot be traded (or dropped) but can be stored in your warehouse.

You do not need to invest in stamina related consumable to play the game. Those who do will advance through the levels faster than those who do not. With a few exceptions already noted above, the various stamina related rewards including those from Trainee Island quests can be stored in your warehouse and used by other characters (of any level) on your account.

  • Some players will start a fresh character and complete quests, just to earn these rewards, and then delete the character. Repeating this over and over again!

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