Slayer Slayer
Race Asura
Job Change Master Class
Job Class Warrior Class
Previous Job Assassin
Common role(s)

Damage Dealer

Job preferred Weapon(s)

Asura Warrior Master Class
The Slayer specializes in pulling in non-Cubric Hard Mode dungeons. Because Slayers possess no offensive skills, and lack in defense. Their stealth abilities allow them to plan strikes on their targets .

But now Slayer can be powerful DD or Semi-Tanker.

The Slayer specializes in the use of dual weapons and evasion. Slayers possess some offensive skills, but truly shine when built with attack speed and critical power in mind. Once r7 is hit, farming regular mobs becomes ridiculously easy, but of course not the fashionable recent mobs from VI and Cubric, where you need to be ranged. The lack of effective damaging skill makes the Slayer a "tab + f1" class. Only class unable to farm without a large investment of money.


The Slayer expands on the Assassin, but unlike the other classes, becoming MasterClass does not add significant efficiency. Choosing the "Tank" column will not allow a Slayer to tank because of the lack of HP, heal and PDef, the "PvP" column will not allow a Slayer to PvP as he has no nukes and is very vulnerable to crowd control skills (often referred as "cc": stuns, blinds, sleeps, etc.), and the "PvE" column will not allow a Slayer to one-frag HM Ashmaw or Kynish, because all the AtkSpd bonuses are mutually exclusive. Slayers, with expensive builds, are still one of Rappelz' top PvE classes in the game, only surpassed by mages, pet classes and ranged warriors. With use of Agility and Attack Speed, Slayers can cumulate Damage output in a certain period of time, much less than a mage though, whilst surviving those heavy blows for a few seconds through the use of evasive skills such as Deep Evasion and True Devotion, but not much longer. It is important to note that sins/slayers are the one of the classes to dodge properly, assuming you choose to build an agility-based toon, but it is not preferred. The optimal build for PVE is dirks (if you need attackspeed) or swords (if not) and then put crit power/atkspeed with a blue pixie/angel/stone golem out to help heal. the reason this is the case is because there is no reason why you should not pull 1 at a time in HM, and 2 or so at a time in normal dungeon.


  • Can solo dungeons without a HLP. (Requires a healing pet)
  • Loads of cc: Fear, blind, sleep, ranged stun (Sonic Cross), gap closer stun (Shadow Rush), cloaked melee ranged stun (Shadow Crash), cloaked AOE stun (Crimson Turbulence), close ranged stun (Dusk Gaze: roots the user, not stunning them)
  • Cloaking Ability. (Slows you a lot, and any action will uncloak you. Anyway you're not cloaked really, the mobs still detect you but from a lower range.) (Generally only dungeon mobs will see through cloak and at a very close range and has a 120 seconds cool down.)
  • De-threat skill (15 seconds cooltime, can fail five times in a row even at 80%)
  • Agility and Attack Speed based Melee Character. (a.k.a no PDef, no PAtk) (

Assassin and Slayer builds always feature some addition of Strength into their stone and belt pet builds)

  • Evasive (Only the physical, non-critical hits, capped at 66%)
  • Very versatile fighter, but can never out-dd any class (except the assassin) even with expensive build. (The previous bullet is irrelevant, being able to out-dd another class isn't set in stone, it can and does change with situation and the target in mind.)


  • Low PDef, low MDef, low HP. (keep in mind this class would be overpowered if it was a tank and was able to kill as fast as it does ^^) (not true with Shadowforged Plating passive and Pact with Darkness self buff is easy to reach up to 80k hp)
  • Too much Attack Speed. (in PvP) ( << no relevance whatsoever. if you have "too much" attackspeed, then rebuild for crit power or vit for survivability)
  • Lacks Attack Speed (in PvE) as the sin has no AtkSpd passive like the Beast Master (EDIT: The previous bullet is falsified information. Slayers get extra attack speed and physical accuracy through their dual wield passive.)
  • Skill spams are not an option, MP goes down too quickly for that. (we don't have a true spammable skill other than the twilight skill, which is MAttk, and if you choose to use that skill, then should have sally's on belt (false Envenom toggle now drain easly the MP))
  • Requires Highly Enchanted Gears, or in your R6 armor ( Knight of Departed Soul or Guard of Departed Soul ) +20 or, +15 or, +8 jewels AtkSpd and Dex or MovSpd for Guard, and Vit + Force for Knight, because the "FIREBALLS" BONUS efect, if you dont have 1 R7 helmet no Dura or Mirage, epic Dura, altered Pieces, Jewels, GodMother Fairy's Bottles.
  • Not everybody likes to be a pull slave 
  • Difficult to keep aggro against other DD classes. 

Notable SkillsEdit

  • Asuran Haste: An asura AOE buff that increases by 4,9 Attack Speed and Cast Speed for 30 minutes. 
  • Assassin Impact: now permanent (not only 8/10min) with a 50% chance to perform 2 successive attacks (perfect with high atk spd). These added hits will not trigger positive effects (e.g. bloodthirst) but they will trigger the negative ones (petrify). Does not stack with Phantasm either. (Edit: Only permanent if build to increase AI in the third three)
  • Phantasm: 100% effect of Assassin Impact for 30 seconds.Does not stack. (Compared to its original 50% Effect).
  • Twilight Strike: Deals both Physical and Magical damage with a 5 second cool down. Delivers moderate damage with daggers, negligible damage with swords.
  • Gloom Aura: A theoretical chance to Increase Threat rate across a certain radius area of mobs, resulting in a multiple Agro Skill. In practice it never works. (<- no reason to use this skill also, as slayer isn't a tank class...)
  • Dusk Gaze: A 4 second stun on opponent/mobs, whilst also casting 4 second hold on yourself. High chance of activation. More of a tank skill than a stun. (Somehow hold lasts longer than stun... Also make sure you do not need to run away, or that the mob isn't knockbacked by a MM/DE while you're under hold)
  • Shadow Rush: Needs to be launched from a distance. May stun a mob for 1,3 second. You may bounce back. Fails in PvP. (EDIT: The skill, by design, doesn't have bugged performance. Mashing the Shadow Rush button or mashing Attack immediately following Shadow Rush causes the bug)
  • Advanced Shadow Rush: Upon a kill, there's a 100% chance to lessen the Cool Down of the skill Shadow Rush by 36 seconds. The kill must be 15 Levels in range of your own level.
  • Envenom: toggle skill, all attacks (also skills) are granted does 200% of magic attack as shadow property. The bonus damage is constant, and calculated only on the main hand. By shadow property, they mean the + damage next to your original damage on a certain mob. For example:
    • You damage poultry for 11243+88 damage without Envenom.
    • You damage poultry for 11243+9055 damage with Envenom.
    • Note: These damage values only apply for PvE. PvP damage is completely different.
    • Note: This skill is only useful for dirk Slayers, as dirks give a nice amount of magic (dealing nearly +10k damage with Envenom).

Caveats Edit

  • Not a recommended class for those on a low budget in ingame items/gears.
  • A recommended class for those who don't like PvP. CaC, dual-wield, no HP, no WIS, the Slayer cumulates the issues. And since the Epic7 teardrops, anyone can see a cloaked Slayer. And since the Epic8 nerf of his Fear from 15s to 3s the Slayers just stopped PvP-ing. (EDIT: The original author of this bullet obviously doesn't like Slayers. Sword Slayers have 1 macc based skill, making Wisdom irrelevant. They can be built with HP and still finish off a target, and EYEDROPS, not Teardrops, have been in the game since Epic 3. There is nothing stopping a determined Slayer from PvPing.)
  • For pulling you need practice, hard at the beginning (mostly just a Supporter then, no Damage Dealer)

Recommended BuildsEdit

  • Agi/Crit Power - Ratio/Attack Speed - Highest threat but best DD setup. This builds can be a "cannon-glass", if you aggo you easily die
  • Agi/Attack Speed - Medium threat Attack Speed. Less hp and str but high speed guaranteed also give extra evasion for tanking.
  • Vit/Attack Speed - Low threat Attack Speed build. Adds a little extra HP and defense.
  • Agi/Vit/Mov Spd - Lowest threat for Pulling/Tanking, no Damage but enough Vit, P Def and Evasion
  • Str/Vit - (only for dual sword) Standard PvE build
  • Str/Agi - (only for dual sword) Standard Attack Speed build, formerly know as cannon-glass
  • Str/Attack Speed - (only for dual sword) High threat Attack Speed build. *Warning: Low defense -> Fast Deaths.

If you use dirks on last 3 builds, you can mix Str with Int to balance the stats and get more benefits.


Take your pick! Any pet will work depending on what you need, but to maximize on this, belt pets of course are a must! You are still the main-DD...

Probably the 2 best ways on soul pet can be:

  • Healer with Bahtomet Relic for increase M.def and Master Devotion
  • Melee with Feral Instinc and Harpy Relic (for more attack speed) or Pick Relic (to increase evasion and hp from passive)

Avoid rangered and mage soul pet.



At master class, the slayer is now only able to wear warrior armour as opposed to being able to wear hunter armour at lower levels as well


Can equip Warrior Helmets.


2x 1h Swords : P. Atk (can be more tank)

2x Dirks: P. Atk and M. Atk based (using Envenom) more Atk Speed (can be less tank)

Belt PetEdit

Type Pet Benefit Info
Damage Dealer (Dirks) 3x Salamander s5

2x Skeleton s4

30% Int, Str, M.Atk, P.Atk

32% Agi, Atk Speed

Atk speed based

Salamander can be replaced by

Blight Ogre to get

33% Int, Str, M.Atk, P.Atk

Damage Dealer (Dirks) 3x Blight Ogre s0

2x Mystic Koala / Snowman s0

33% Int, Str, M.Atk, P.Atk

32% Luck, Crit Rate

Crit based
Damage Dealer (Swords) 3x Cerberus s3

2x Skeleton s4

33% Str, Dext, P.Atk, Accu

32% Agi, Atk Speed

Atk speed based
Damage Dealer (Swords) 3x Death Tyrant s0

2x Mystic Koala / Snowman s0

33% Str, P.Atk

31% Atk Speed

32% Luck, Crit Rate

Crit based
Tank 2x Unicorn s3

Hawkman s5

Stone Golem s4

Salamander s5

32% Agi, Eva, Vit, P.Def

9% Int, M.Atk

19% Str, P.Atk

M.Atk is important because Salyer

get increase of 200% HP and only

100% form P.Atk by Shadowfrged Plating .

For more HP or Driks build, can

be better replace Hawkman s5

with Angel s3 to get

19% Int, M.Atk

9% Str, P.Atk

On Critical build you can use Mephisto Card, Crustalino Card .

On Tank build you can use Soul of Lunacy Card, Black Widow Card, Sand Lord Kynish Card or Draka Card .

On DD dirks build you can use Ashmaw Card, Microraptor Card or Lilith Card .

On DD sworda build you can use Kiscia the Beautiful Card, Microraptor Card or Lilith Card .

Job level bonus statsEdit

edit data
JLv Str Vit Agi Int Wis Dex Luck
31 2 2 2 1 1 2 1
34 2 1 2 1 1 2 0
35 1 2 2 1 1 1 1
38 1 2 2 1 1 1 1
39 2 1 2 1 1 2 1
43 5 6 5 3 3 5 2
44 5 4 6 2 2 5 2
45 5 5 5 3 3 5 1
46 5 4 5 3 3 5 1
47 5 5 7 3 3 5 2
48 5 6 5 3 3 5 1
50 6 6 5 4 3 5 1


Slayer Skills

Left Column: DefenseEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Surge Of Adrenaline Surge Of Adrenaline 1 TP
2/2 Passive: Chance while being attacked to cast 10 sec self buff of +8 Evasion, may stack 7X.
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb 1 TP 1/1 Ranged Debuff AOE Skill (area cast skill),For 4 sec Movespeed,Physical Accuracy & Magical Accuracy = -50% & Damage reflection rate 100%, Radius = 5m, lasts 10 seconds, CD = 1min (M. Attack based skill).
Short Fuse Short Fuse JP 3/3 Passive: Reduces CD = 15sec.
Blinding Dust Blinding Dust JP 9/9 Blinds target for 7sec; attack/underattack not possible, CD = 11sec.
Hellstorm Hellstorm JP 10/10 Similar to Dark Strike, 5 hits, ~2k dmg per hit, distance 2m, CD = 5sec.
Fatal Wave Fatal Wave JP 11/11 Swords/dirks only: AOE that damages all targets within 15m around caster, 13k dmg, CD = 1min.
React skill React JP 9/9 Passive: Chance when receiving damage to reduce incoming damage by 2% for 19sec, may stack 5X.
Pact With Darkness Pact With Darkness JP 10/10 30sec Self-Buff: +20% Evasion, and +15% HP, can only be achieved when maximum stack of "Surge Of Adrenaline" is achieved. CD=1min.
Shadowforged Plating Shadowforged Plating JP 4/4 Passive: Max HP bonus 25% of Attack and 50% of M. Attack per level.
Surefooted Surefooted JP 10/10 Passive: Increases Movement Speed by 1.5 per level

Middle Column: Cloak Skills/Magic (for dagger Sin)Edit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Phase Blades Phase Blades 1 TP
2/2 Passive: +9% P.Atk, +9% M.Atk, Ignore P.Def, +23%, Ignore M.Def, +23%.
Envenom Envenom 1 TP 1/1 Toggle: Dual Wield Only: All Atk, dmg is given a bonus +200% of Magical attack
Poison Mastery Poison Mastery JP 1/3
Reduces CD by 10sec
Reduces CD by 20sec
Reduces CD by 30sec
Shadow Stab Shadow Stab JP 11/11 Deals a powerful blow (~12k) of damage to target, high chance of a critical hit. CD=1min.

High chance to jumps out of cloaked state.

Shadow Crash Shadow Crash JP 20/20

Stuns target 4 sec, and does some ~17k damage. CD= 1min.

High chance to jumps out of cloaked state.

Shadow Wound Shadow Wound JP 20/20 Jumps out of cloak, damages target (~18k), Bleeds (-840hp every 1 sec) and applies -70 Accuracy de-buff to target for 60sec.CD = 1min.

High chance to jumps out of cloaked state.

(Epic 9.1 = - Damage over time bonus increased from 40 per level to 50% per level.)

Dusk Gaze Dusk Gaze JP 10/10 Blinds and Holds Target (4 sec) and casts Hold on yourself (4 sec): prevents target from running away: hold does not mean you can't attack.
Twilight Strike Twilight Strike JP 10/10 Physical attack ~4,3k, Magical attack ~9,1k, CD=3s MP: 220

465% of basic attack damage. Extra damage per level = 100%

Right Column: OffenseEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Death&#039;s Respite Death's Respite 1 TP
2/2 Passive: Chance to reduce the Cool Down on the skill "Shadow Rush" by 36sec, upon killing a target within exp range (15 lvls).
Phantasm Phantasm 1 TP 1/1 Gives additional attack with 100% chance when wearing dual Swords/Dirk (Uber Assassins Impact), Duration = 36 seconds. CD = 2min.
Dark Binding Dark Binding JP 3/3

Passive: Reduces CD by 30 sec.

Shadow Rush Shadow Rush JP 7/7

Dashes to the target, may stun it for 3.1sec, damages it ~7k, CD = 45sec.

Assassin Impact Icon Assassin Impact JP 8/8 50% probability of attacking twice with dual swords/dirks, 10min Buff, 10min Cool Down
Gloom Aura Gloom Aura JP 10/10 Self-Buff: Raises threat level to the monsters around drawing them all to you, CD = 20sec.
Unshakable Unshakable JP 10/10 Passive: Builds Players Resistance to Fear: resistance = 25%.
After Image After Image JP 4/4 Passive: Chance of self-buff activating when an attack is successfully evaded "Phantasm" is given, 7% chance of activating, For 10 seconds "After Image" is active.
Debilitating Blows Debilitating Blows JP 10/10 Passive: Auto-attacking triggers up to stage 3 debuff, which decreases Physial&Magical Accuracy:
Stage 1: -3% PAcc / -3% MAcc
Stage 2: -6% PAcc / -6% MAcc
Stage 3: -9% PAcc / -9% MAcc

Chance of activation 1%

Chance of activation bonus 1% per level

Asura Racial BuffsEdit

Icon Name Cost Level Description
Asuran Haste Asuran Haste JP 7/7 Buff: +4.9 Atk./Cast Spd. for 30m, CD=15s
MP: 385
Evasive Resilience Evasive Resilience JP 7/7 passive: 420% of Evasion added to max HP

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