A skill card improves the performance of a skill in any of several possible ways. It may

  • lower the cost-per-use of a specific skill
  • increase the points for a certain Battle Ability
  • increase the duration of a buff
  • decrease cooltime of Battle Ability

Enchanted skill cards enhance the benefit. The highest level of enchantment is +10.

Skill cards are dropped by defeated mobs and can be traded so if you are tired of slaying mobs hoping for a drop then visit the Auction House or browse blue Selling shops to look for bargains. Prices vary from player to player so shop around before buying. The buy back price at an NPC shop is not a useful guide.

A common scam is to set up yellow Buying shops to buy these cards from inexperienced players for a deeply discounted price. Be warned! Don't sell or buy an item without first thoroughly comparing prices at the Flea Market or at the Auction House.

Equipping a Skill CardEdit

To take advantage of a skill card add it to the carried inventory of a character that can use the skill named on the card. Once in the carried inventory a skill card is equipped by double clicking on the skill card. You'll see the letter E appear like a watermark over the icon for the skill card and if you check your character's skill inventory (Alt+S) then you should see that the skill description now has a +1 in front of it.

Enchanting a Skill CardEdit

Combination Box Skill

You have acquired 2 or more of the same skill card and yet you can only successfully equip one of these cards at a time. You'd like to stack their effect but don't know how.

Use the Enhance window (enter /union on the chat line; or press Alt+I then click [Enhance] button) to combine one skill cube with two skill cards of the same enchantment (+) level to yield one skill card of the next higher enchantment (+) level. Skill cubes and Ancient Skill Cubes are available from mob drops or transactions with other players. In the game, skill cubes are labeled Cube-Skill.

You can create a +2 skill card by enhancing one +1 skill card with another +1 skill card and a Skill Cube or an Ancient Skill Cube. After a successful enhance attempt, you will have just one skill card and it will be described as a +2 skill card.

Probability of Success & Consequence of FailureEdit

If an enhancement attempt fails then you lose both skill cards and the skill cube! So it might be a good idea to wait until you have 3 of the same skill card before combining two of them. At least you will have one card to fall back on if the enhance attempt fails.

The probability of success using a plain skill cube is not advertised by the game developer. Player experiences range from 10% to 60%. The probability of success increases by 30% when an Ancient Skill Cube is used.

Epic VII has introduced a new item that prevents one of your cards from breaking during the combination process: S-Protect Card.

Higher Enchantment LevelsEdit

The next higher level of skill card enchantment is achieved by enhancing two cards of the lower level:

Enhancing Yields minimum cumulative

+1 skill cards consumed

minimum cumulative

skill cubes consumed

+1, +1, cube +2 2 1
+2, +2, cube +3 4 3
+3, +3, cube +4 8 7
+4, +4, cube +5 16 15
+5, +5, cube +6 32 31
+6, +6, cube +7 64 63
+7, +7, cube +8 128 127
+8, +8, cube +9 256 255
+9, +9, cube +10 512 511
+(n-1), +(n-1), cube +n $ 2^{n-1} $ $ 2^{n-1}-1 $

If you are good with math then you might be thinking that the chances of enchanting a skill card to +10 is very low indeed. Well, you would be correct! And s-Protect is expensive and will only save one of your cards.


  • Skill cards give a performance boost to skills that have been unlocked in your skill tree.
  • Enchanting skill cards can be very expensive and very high risk.
  • Thoroughly compare prices before buying or selling skill cards or skill cubes.