Rappelz Wiki

Our goal is to provide as much information and documentation about the Rappelz MMORPG (US version) as possible.

Check back often, as we are still growing and actively working on many pages.

Latest News

2013, August 20 - Wiki - Soul Pets
Some content about the Soul Pets have finally been added to the wiki.

Hunter789 (talk)

2013, May 11 - Rappelz pseudo-event!
There's a Rappelz pseudo-event going on! Check it out for a coupon code: Every gun makes its own tune.

Hunter789 (talk)

2013, April 16 - Rappelz event!
There's a Rappelz event going on! Check it out! Highstakes in the Casino!

Hunter789 (talk)

2013, April 13 - New Wiki navigation!
The Wiki Navigation (the menu) has been updated! It should be easier to find what you're looking for from now on!

Hunter789 (talk)

2013, March 22 - New theme!
Thanks to Nightslights and Cizagna for the color scheme and the new wordmark! If you see weird stuff around the wiki, please tell me on my talk page, I'll take out the duct tape and fix it!

Hunter789 (talk)

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