Level: 16
Race: All
NPC: Warehouse Keeper Wayne
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy Field
Objectives: Defeat
11 x Little Kenta Pony
9 x Kenta Pony
7 x Fierce Kenta Pony
Experience: 5,759
JP: 442
Rupees: 17,600
Gen Points: 71
Basic: Sta 500
Choice: 40 x Luna Chips
3 x Cold Spaghetti
3 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest: Personal War 1
Next Quest:


"I've heard about another group of Kentauros. Rumor has it they are attacking travelers and adventurers alike near the road west of Laksy's Anchor. Carry my hatred to them and show them that we be their prey no longer!"


After accepting the quest, teleport down to Laksy's Anchor and head west along the road. Kenta can be found on either side of the road after exiting Laksy's Anchor. Kill the required number of Kenta and then return to Warehouse Keeper Wayne.


"Not yet. My revenge is not complete yet. No, this cannot be called revenge. This is war! A war between them and me! A war that will not be over until one side is dead!"

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