You attack a mob and you suddenly find that the mob locks aggro on you and does not give up until you die or until you manage to defeat the mob. No effort, except another one minute rule by other players can steal the mob's aggro away from you.

Not to be confused with Frenzy.

The purpose of this rule may be to discourage leeching by low level players in a party comprised of mostly high level players.


Understanding the one minute rule will help you avoid stealing aggro from even the best of tanks. A skilled party may learn to apply it to their advantage.

To trigger this one minute rule ALL of the following must be satisfied in this order:

  1. your threat level attracts a mob's aggro
  2. you subsequently lose that mob's aggro by:
    • fleeing the mob or
    • losing aggro to another player
  3. you do nothing to raise your threat to that same mob for longer than 60 seconds
  4. you subsequently raise your threat level and attract that same mob's aggro

At this point the mob will lock aggro on you until it has defeated you .. or until the mob is defeated.

  • The only way for another player to steal aggro away from you is to trigger the same one minute rule with this specific mob.
  • The only way for you to lose this locked on aggro is to log.

It is left as an exercise for students of the Intermediate (Rank 3) DP Guide to imagine how best to apply this one minute rule to a Party's advantage.

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