Level: 17
Race: All
NPC: Guide Prometh
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy Field
Field: Stump Logging Area
Objectives: Defeat
14 x Nimble Orc Junior
8 x Nimble Hairy Eye
4 x Fierce Orc Junior
Experience: 6,810
JP: 523
Rupees: 18,400
Gen Points: 74
Basic: 1 x Sta 500
Choice: 50 x Luna Chips
3 x Cold Spaghetti
3 x Black Bean Noodles
Previous Quest: Sagittarius (quest)
Next Quest: Funny Mask (quest)


"To be honest, I never thought you would do this well.
I think I just may give you some jobs. Recently orcs and yeti have shown up and are causing a ruckus at Stump Logging Area in the south of Laksy. Please eliminate them. I will give you a handsome reward as this is an official request."


After accepting the quest, teleport down to Laksy's Anchor and take the road south over the bridge and into Laksy Field. Follow the road southwest when it forks the first time and then south when it forks a second time. Find Orc Junior and Hairy Eye on either side of the road. Kill the required amount and return to Guide Prometh.


"Excellent job. There is nothing more to worry about. You have proven that you can survive anywhere in the world. Don't be too conceited and practice your skills more."

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