Level: 32
Race: All
NPC: Adventure Guide Remire
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy East
Field: Ivory Tower
Objectives: Defeat
15 x Petit Lafutel
12 x Thin Ear Yeti
5 x Lafutel of Anatema
Experience: 26,945
JP: 2,072
Rupees: 28,000
Gen Points: 112
Basic: Sta 1000
Previous Quest: Orc Hunting
Next Quest:


"This area has become nearly safe enough for children to play in, thanks to the efforts of you and adventurers like you. Yet there are other places full of far deadlier monsters, and the brave few who stand against them... It's time you joined them. Prove your worthiness to fight along side them by defeating monsters north of the Anchor. The area remains wild and dangerous, because few adventurers have dealt with the creatures there.

Seek out the Ivory Tower, along the north path. There will be many powerful monsters to test yourself against there."


Take the road north out of Laksy's Anchor. The road will fork three times before reaching the Ivory Tower and each time it does take the right path. When the road turns east and then begins to dip south, leave the road and head north up a large hill towards the Ivory Tower. Find Lafutel and Yeti along the hill and around the tower. Once you have killed enough Lafutel and Yeti head back to Adventure Guide Remire.


"Laksy is safe at last. There is no more work for you here. It's time for you to head out further into the world. But here's some free advice: Be careful about everything you meet. Don't be too trusting... Be Careful about people in particular... people can be much more devious than monsters."

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