You received your first necklace (a Chaos Necklace) on Trainee Island, however you can also buy one at any Merchant NPC. All necklaces store lak - not just the Chaos Necklace.

You must have it equipped in order to collect lak from defeated mobs. Once it is full you can not collect any further lak. The capacity of a standard Lv1 necklace is 500 lak, however this can be increased if you remove the chaos stone from the necklace and upgrade the stone.

Every level of upgrade increases the lak storage capacity by 500 lak. A Lv10 necklace can store 5000 lak.

You cannot un-equip a necklace that contains stored lak. Empty necklaces may be traded.

Once the chaos stone is upgraded it may be moved from one necklace to another for the cost of a Catalyst of Stabilization (5,000R at any merchant NPC).

Upgrading Necklaces Edit

Upgrading is done in the  Enhance Window.

First enhance the necklace with the catalyst of stabilization to remove the stone.

Then enhance the liberated stone with the proper upgrade item (depending on the stone's level). Repeat until you run out of upgrade items or reach the desired level.

Finally enhance the stone back with the necklace to finish the process.

The key ingredients for upgrading a necklace are

  • CatalystOfStabilitation Catalyst of Stabilization - to remove the chaos stone from a necklace
  • AugmentationOfChaos Augmentation of Chaos - to upgrade a Lv 1, 2 or 3 chaos stone
  • CompositionOfChaos Composition of Chaos - to upgrade a Lv 4, 5 or 6 chaos stone
  • ReinforcementOfChaos Reinforcement of Chaos - to upgrade a Lv 7, 8 or 9 chaos stone
  • PerfectChaos The Perfect Chaos Stone Package is a cash shop purchase that bundles 3 each of the last three upgrade consumables. (immediately upgrades a Lv1 stone to Lv10)
  • PerfectChaos Ancient Chaos Stone when used, it upgrades the level of the Chaos Stone in a Necklace by 1. It works on from Lv10 to Lv20 Chaos Stones. Every level adds 5000 to max Lak storage with a max of 55000 at Lv20 or as shown +10 Necklace Lv10.

The Catalyst of Stabilization can be bought from merchant NPCs for 5000 Rupees. The other 4 items are Cash Shop items.


Name Magic Def HP Recov MP Recov
Chaos Necklace Icon Chaos Necklace 12
R2 Rank 2
Glass Tears Icon Tear of Glass 29 22
Red Fever Icon Red Fever 24 18
Spirit Seeker Icon Spirit Seeker 24 6
R3 Rank 3
Mirror of Spiritual Defense Icon Shield of Mirror 58 14
Blood Flow Icon Blood Flow 48 36
Soul Shifter icon Soulgrip 48 12
R4 Rank 4
Titania Icon Titania 77 36 12
Blood Lust Icon Blood Lust 72 60
Soul Bringer Icon Soul Bringer 72 20
{R5 Rank 5
NecklaceOfArialxx Necklace of Arial 96 21 7
BloodRain R5 Mdef 84 Blood Rain 96 84
PalaceCrystal R5 Palace Crystal 96 26
R6 Rank 6
DesolateN Desolate Necklace 120 27 9
RuinN Necklace of Ruin 120 108
HolyStar Holy Star 120 36
R7 Rank 7
Triton's Necklace icon Triton's Necklace 144 33 11
Blood Moon icon Blood Moon 144 132
Dark Star icon Dark Star 144 44
R7 Rank 7 Master Class
DarkmAm Darkmoon Amulet 216 165 275
R7 Rank 7 160 Limit Level
Starlightnecklace Starlight Necklace 237 198 275

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