Bottom to Top: ND, D1, D2, MC ND, MC D1, D3, MC D2, and MC D3 comparison.

Master class items first came out in Epic 7.3 with the release of the Master Classes. These original Master Class items have been unpopular because of their insufficient set bonuses and poor enhancement bonuses.

With the release of Epic 7.4, new Ethereal Master Class equipment was added to the game. They have become very popular because of their outstanding dura bonuses, and additional enhancement bonuses.

They have been given new dura names:

D1 D2 D3
CritRatio/CritPower: Primal Feral Bestial
Atk.Spd/Cast.Spd/Evasion: Frantic Intense Berserk
P.Atk/P.Def: Braced Reinforced Toughened
MP.Rec/M.Def: Eerie Ghostly Spectral
Accuracy/M.Atk: Careful Decisive Precise
Block.Def: Safeguarding Fortifying Barricading
P/M.Pierce: Puncturing Rupturing Shattering
P/M.Ignore: Nimble Keen Elegant

List of ItemsEdit

Icon Name Type P.Atk. M.Atk. Extra
Angelsbloodletter Angel's Bloodletter 1h Sword 534 +25% HP Recov. +20 Vit. +20 Str.
Icon 2handswd dignityofload-1- King's Judgement 2h Sword 909 +50% HP Recov. +40 Vit. +40 Str.
Icon spear nothealdragon-1- Dragon's Loathing Spear 801 +5% P.Atk. +100 Str.
Icon 1handaxe gaiavigor-1- Taurus Cleaver 1h Axe 612 266 +8 Crit. Rate +25 Str. +3 Atk. Spd.
Icon 2handaxe gaiaenergy-1- Fury Of The Titans 2h Axe 1001 346 +15 Crit Rate +50 Str. +6 Atk.Spd.
Icon 1handmace heartdragon-1- Gargoyle Tail 1h Mace 598 426 +10 to all stats except luck
Icon 2handmace immortalgrupain-1- Minotaur's Fury 2h Mace 987 585 +20 to all stats except luck
Icon wand divisionwand-1- Royal Kindness 1h Staff 319 666 +20% MP Recov. +35 Int.
Icon staff chaosancient-1- Leviathan's Grip 2h Staff 505 950 +40% MP Recov. +70 Int.
Icon dagger bladeofknife-1- Heartcarver Dirk 415 400 +15 Str./Int. +2% M.Atk. +1% P.Atk.
Icon bow keepeyesteeth-1- Covetous Dragon Bow 1169 +6% Dex.
Icon crossbow redload-1- Rubyflame Crossbow Crossbow 585 +50 Dex. +50 Agi. +4% Dex. +4% Agi.
Icon shield magic facemirror-1- Mask Of Mirror Magewall 265 +4% Int. +35 Int.
Block Def. Block Per.
Icon shield ancientdragondesign-1- Ancient Dragon Shield Shield 213 27 +3% Perf. Block +20% Block Def.
Icon Name Type P.Def. M.Def. Extra Set Bonus
Icon clothe warrior master-1- Warrior's Master Armor Warrior Armor 509 203 +10% Str./+10% Vit./+10% P.Atk./+10%Crit. Rate/+1500 Max HP
Icon clothe archer master-1- Hunter's Master Armor Hunter Armor 407 304 +10 Mov.Spd. +10%Agi./+10% Dex./+10% Acc./+10% Atk. Spd./+1500 Max HP
Icon clothe priest master-1- Magician's Master Armor Magician Armor 203 509 +10% Int/+10% Wis./+10% M.Def./+10% M.Acc./+10% M.Res./+1000 Max MP
Icon clothe summoner master-1- Summoner's Master Armor Summoner Armor 304 407 +10% Dex/+10% Wis./+10%M.Def./+10% Cast Spd./+10% M.Res./+1000 Max. MP
Icon glove warrior master-1-

Icon glove archer master-1-
Icon glove priest master-1-
Icon glove summoner master-1-

Gloves Master
Gloves 55 55
Icon foot warrior master-1-

Icon foot archer master-1-
Icon foot priest master-1-
Icon foot summoner master-1-

Boots Master
Boots 59 59 +10 Mov.Spd.
Icon belt master-1- Master Belt Belt 38 3600 WT +3% WT
Icon Name Type HP/HP Recov. MP/MP Recov. Extra
Icon ring 7rank physicalstrength-1- Boar's Ring Ring +2560 HP +52 Vit.
Icon ring 7rank infiniteofmind-1- Ghost's Ring Ring +1630 MP +52 Wis.
Icon earing 7rank mastersaveearing-1- Salvation Earrings Earrings +198 HP Recov. +330 MP Recov. +10% M.Res.
Icon necklace 7rank darkmoon-1- Dark Moon Amulet Necklace +165 HP Recov. +275 MP Recov. +216 M.Def.
Non-Dura Helms
Icon Name Type P.Def. M.Def.
Icon helmet warrior master-1- Warrior's Master Helm Helm 100 55
Icon helmet archer master-1- Hunter's Master Helm Helm 85 71
Icon helmet priest master-1- Magician's Master Helm Helm 55 100
Icon helmet summoner master-1- Summoner's Master Helm Helm 71 85

Enhancement BenefitsEdit

+20 2h Axe:

  • D1: 4.1k P.Atk
  • D2: 5.3k P.Atk
  • D3: 6.7K P.Atk

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