Master Classes came with Epic 7.3 as a continuation of 2nd job classes. Characters must be at least lvl 148 and Jlvl 50. They must also have completed the 60-80lvl witch quests in order to apply for master class quests.
Race Icon 2nd Job Icon Master Class
Deva Knight Knight Templar Templar
Soldier Soldier Mercenary Mercenary
Soul Breeder Soul Breeder Master Breeder Master Breeder
Bishop Bishop Cardinal Cardinal
Priest Priest Oracle Oracle
Gaia Champion Champion Berserker Berserker
Archer Archer Marksman Marksman
Evoker Evoker Beast Master Beast Master 
Battle Kahuna Battle Kahuna War Kahuna War Kahuna
Druid Druid Magus Magus
Asura Assassin Assassin Slayer Slayer
Shadow Hunter Shadow Hunter Deadeye Deadeye
Battle Summoner Battle Summoner Overlord Overlord
Chaos Magician Chaos Magician Void Mage Void Mage
Warlock Warlock Corruptor Corruptor

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