Level: 15
Race: All
NPC: Guild Official Leviathan
Zones: Area: Katan Area
Region: Katan Field
Town: Katan
Objectives: Talk to Trader Elmin in Horizon
Experience: 1,117
JP: 85
Rupees: 12,000
Gen Points: 48
Choice: 30 x Luna Chips
5 x Cheap Shrimp Sushi
5 x Spicy Noodles
Previous Quest:
Next Quest:


"Do you know who Elmin is? She's a Trader, and an amazing woman. She's smart, beautiful, and single - qualities that I find attractive in a woman! However, she's been on the move a lot recently, and I've been meaning to ask her out on a date. Last I heard, she set up shop in Horizon.

If it's along your way, would you do me a kind favor and deliver this letter to her? Don't read it, it's really corny.

Women love that stuff, you know?"


After accepting the quest, talk to a teleporter in Katan and teleport to Horizon. After arriving in Horizon head south a little ways from the teleporter to find Trader Elmin.


"Hi, how can I help you? (You hand over the letter.) What? A letter for me? Who is it from?...

Oh, it's from Levi! I haven't seen him in forever! And here I thought he wasn't even interested in me! Let me read the letter...

W-what's with these corny lines? Doesn't he know that girls hate this stuff? Oh, well, thanks for delivering the message! Here's a bit of something for you troubles."

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