Level: 1
Race: Deva
NPC: Guide Eusys
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Field: Temple of Astraeus
Objectives: Learn Body Training Lv1
Experience: 3
JP: 0
Rupees: 300
Gen Points: 2
Previous Quest: Deva's First Hunt
Next Quest: Deva's Feather Collection


"I know Hunting seems easy now, but you will need skills to defeat more dangerous monsters. Learn Body Training Lv1 first. Press ALT-S to open the Skill window, then click Body Training Lv1 to learn it."


After accepting the quest, open the Skill window. In the skill tree window, on the beginner skills tab, click on the upward arrow beneath the Body Training Skill. After learning level 1 Boding Training, return to Guide Eusys.


"Well done.
Now you are tougher than you were before."

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