You learned all you needed to know about lak from the quests on Trainee Island didn't you?

You must be wearing a Chaos Necklace to collect lak after defeating mobs. Not all defeated mobs will drop lak. Your lak carrying capacity is displayed in the Alt+I Inventory window and is determined by the level of your necklace.

Lak may be exchanged for either Luna Chips or Rupees at the Lak Traders in any village.

1000 lak can be traded for 250000 rupee
or for the following boost chips (cost of 1 chip when changed for lak in brackets):
Type Rank I Rank II Rank III Rank IV Rank V Rank VI Rank VII
(104 R)
(208 R)
(416 R)
(728 R)
(1146 R)
(1666 R)
(2293 R)
This article may contain outdated information which no longer applies to the current version of the game.

Spirit type monsters, such as Salamanders, Pixies or Angels drop considerably more lak than others, however, also more rarely.

Lak may be exchanged at the Soulcrafter NPC in exchange for a recharge of Soul Power on your or your pet's equipment.

On the Pantera server, carrying lak may serve as a Lak Guard and so protect you from losing EXP if you are defeated by another player.

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