Level: 1
Race: All
NPC: Mentor Gildas
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Town: Trainee Town
Objectives: Upgrade Equipped Weapon to Level 2
Experience: 108
JP: 8
Rupees: 2,800
Gen Points: 12
Basic: 1 x Trainee's Wind Potion
Choice: 1 x Trainee's Attack Potion
1 x Trainee's Quick Potion
1 x Trainee's Defense Potion
1 x Trainee's Wind Potion
Previous Quest: Return to Gildas
Next Quest: Merchant's Request


"Well, before we get started with the next stage of training, let's see what we can do about improving your equipment.
Go to Blacksmith Thanael on the southern end of the upper terrace and upgrade your current weapon to level 2. Report to me when you have finished upgrading your equipped weapon."


After accepting the quest, head south and up two flights of stairs to Blacksmith Thanael. Upgrade your weapon and return to Mentor Gildas.


"Now that your weapon is upgraded, you'll do more damage than before. Nice, huh? Time to begin the real work. Intermediate training is much tougher than the elementary lessons, so don't think you can slack off. I demand excellence!"

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