Reached through hidden village teleporters located in all major cities. Players with a Hidden Village Pass can also double click the pass in their inventory to be transported to the hidden village from anywhere.

Features of the Hidden Village include:Edit

15% discount on purchases of items and services
50% bonus on Lak trades
Teleportation services at a reduced fee
Horizon, Katan, and Laksy for free
Rondo for 2,000 rupees
City of Ruins for 4,000 rupees
Additional teleportation locations away from cities for a fee
3,000 rupees for locations around Horizon, Katan, and Laksy
5,000 rupees for locations around Rondo

Faster and longer lasting mounts

Quilin (only usable if the character is Lv120 or above)

NPC which can give buffs to characters

The NPC Madosa Kart can give Buffs, which increases P.Atk, Atk.Speed, P.Def, M.Atk, M.Def, Cast.Speed and Mov.Speed for 3,000 rupees each. They last 1 hour.


There are some quests you can get from the NPC Quest Broker Syah. These quests give a large amount of Experience Points, while giving a decreased amount of Job Points.


Auction Broker Frat

Auction Broker Giselle

Auction Broker Lini

Blacksmith Geon

Breeder Neville

Guide Tammy

Job Supporter Kira

Quest Broker Syah

Soulcrafter Nanoa

Teleporter Yurie

Teleporter Jacu

Warehouse Keeper Mae

Warehouse Keeper Patrick


Adventure Guide Cane

Armor Trader Rahu

Grocery Merchant Yuna

Lak Trader Rubinsky

Merchant Lukin

Weapons Trader Zeke


Adventure Guide

Armor Trader

Auction House



Grocery Merchant

Job Supporter

Lak Trader


Quest Broker




Weapons Trader

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