Level: 1
Race: All
NPC: Merchant Zapang
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Field: Eastern Forest
Objectives: Collect 5 x Herb of Eternal Youth off the ground in the Eastern Forest
Experience: 135
JP: 10
Rupees: 2,800
Gen Points: 12
Basic: 12 x Trainee's Red Potions
Choice: 1 x Trainee's Attack Potion
1 x Trainee's Quick Potion
1 x Trainee's Defense Potion
1 x Trainee's Wind Potion
Previous Quest: Merchant's Request
Next Quest: Going to Summoner Rudmiyu


"It's been quite a long time since I began making a living here, but the amount of potions trainees buy is overwhelming. So I have a shortage of the materials I need to meet the demand for potions.
That's why I need your help! Go to the east wayside and find Herbs of Eternal Youth. Hurry up and get me 5 of them please!"


After accepting the quest, head east out of town to the Eastern Forest. Herbs of Eternal Youth can be found scattered around the area. Collect the amount needed and return to Merchant Zapang.


"Who have we here, you have brought the herbs of eternal youth!
Thank you! What a relief! Even now someone just came in and made a great fuss because I couldn't sell him the potion he needed. I will give you the reward as promised. You can now go back and report to Gildas."

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