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If you are kicked from guild, your guild leaves a dungeon or leave/are kicked from a alliance, you will have to wait 7 days to join a new one. Only the guild leader can invite or kick people. They are also the only ones able to register for Time Attacks, Seiges and manage alliance.

Guildcommands: (Replace name with the players name) Guild/Alliance Basics & Sieging Rules

Postby dantiell » Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:12 pm Table of Contents Guild/Alliance Basics

   Creating a Guild
   How Guilds Work
   How Alliances Work

Sieging Rules

Guild/Alliance Basics Commands:

   /ginvite [playername] - invites player to guild
   /gpromote [playername] - promote player to leader
   /gkick [playername] - kicks player from guild
   /gdestroy - destroys guild
   /gainvite [guildname] - invites guild to alliance
   /gakick [guildname] - kicks guild from alliance
   /galeave [guildname] - allows your guild to leave an alliance

Creating a Guild:

   Guild Official NPC's charge 100,000 rupees for new guilds.
   They also allow guild/alliance leaders to do the following:
       A. create/destroy an alliance
       B. increase capacity for guilds within alliance
           1. alliances begin with a capacity of 3
           2. they can be increased to 5
   You must be at least lv20 to make/lead a guild

How Guilds Work

   You can create/join a guild after 7 days of being guildless.
       This includes:
           quiting a guild
           being kicked from a guild
           the guild disbanded
   While a guild owns a dungeon...
       the guild cannot apply to time attack or siege
       the guild cannot disband
       the guild has two options to relinquish ownership:
           lose a siege
           use a Dungeon Manager NPC to 'abandon dungeon'
               no guild activity can occur for 7 days after abandoning dungeon

How Alliances Work

   Alliances are created at Guild Official NPCs.
       You can create/join one 7 days after not being in one
   Up to 2 other guilds can be invited to the alliance (3 total)
       Up to 2 additional spaces can be bought (5 total)
   Alliances can only be destroyed at Guild Official NPCs
       All invited guilds must be kicked prior to destroying
   Alliance editing is suspended if any guild owns a dungeon
       No editing can occur for 7 days after abandoning dungeon

Sieging Rules An in-depth guide about sieging & time attacks can be found here.

   Dungeon Exploitation- It's important that players refrain from exploiting any discovered flaws, especially during sieges. Reports that provide adequate evidence that someone is 'intently' exploiting the game will be investigated thoroughly.
   Multiple Sieges - Any attempts to use the same character in multiple sieges per weekend will be considered an exploit. You can siege multiple times with different characters.
   Dungeon Monopolies- Do not funnel revenue from multiple dungeons into one guild or use alt guilds to prevent others from sieging your dungeon. Dungeons are for everyone, not a select few. Since there are only a few sieges per week, we cannot tolerate a guild that is using subordinate guilds to own multiple dungeons or prevent others from sieging a dungeon.

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