Level: 10
Race: All
NPC: Guide Mephist
Zones: Area: Katan Area
Region: Katan Field
Town: Katan
Objectives: Defeat
16 x Crude Rat Goblin
10 x Rat Goblin Smasher
6 x Skell Fighter
Experience: 1,386
JP: 106
Rupees: 12,800
Gen Points: 52
Choice: 5 x Red Potion Lv 2
5 x Blue Potion Lv 1
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Yard Cleaning


"That look on your face tells me you're fresh blood - how about doing me some favors? Yeah? Great.

First, I need to see what you're capable of. Head up to the area past the North Gate of Katan and kill a few monsters on this list. Come back to me after you've finished, and I'll see about giving you more work."


After accepting the quest, head north out of Katan to find the Rat Goblins and Skeletons just outside of town. After killing the required number of monsters, return to Guide Mephist.


"Well, well, well - I didn't think you'd be able to make it back alive. You've exceeded one of my expectations, so congratulations. But don't let that get to you're head. I still have work for you to do, so here's some compensation for your efforts."

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