Rank 1: These armors can be used by any job type, of a certain race, during the early stages of the game.

Asura Deva Gaia
Stepper Adventurer Jacket Stepper Adventurer Jacket Adventurer Guide Suit Adventurer Guide Suit Rogue's Training Wear Rogue's Training Wear
Beginner's Light Leather Jacket Beginner's Light Leather Jacket Beginner's Devarian Suit Beginner's Devarian Suit Training Silk Clothes Training Silk Clothes
Adventurer Jacket Adventurer Jacket Adventurer Suit Adventurer Suit Adventurer's Training Wear Adventurer's Training Wear
Light Leather Jacket Light Leather Jacket Devarian Suit icon Devarian Suit Silk Clothes Silk Clothes

Rank 2–7: These armors can be used by a certain job of any race.

Warrior Hunter Magician Summoner
Rank 2 Link Mail Link Mail Link Suit Link Suit Link Robe Link Robe Link Coat Link Coat
Pure Mail Pure Mail Pure Suit Pure Suit Pure Robe Pure Robe Pure Coat Pure Coat
Rank 3 Progressive Armor Progressive Armor Wind Suit Wind Suit Anger Robe Anger Robe Unicorn's Coat Unicorn's Coat
Rank 4 Grand Cross Armor Grand Cross Armor Sacred Suit Sacred Suit Sacred Robe Sacred Robe Coat of Purity Coat of Purity
Knight of Belief Knight of Belief Guard of Belief IconGuard of Belief Druid of Belief Small Druid of Belief Betrayal of Belief Betrayal of Belief
Rank 5 Bahamut Armor Bahamut Armor Bahamut Suit Bahamut Suit Meteoric Robe Meteoric Robe Comet Coat Comet Coat
Armor of Sand Dragon Icon Sand Dragon Armor Feather of Dragon's Horn Icon Dragon's Horn Armor Robe of the Steel Devil Icon Steel Devil Robe Oriental Soul Armor Icon Oriental Soul Armor
KnightOfProud Icon Knight of Proud GuardOfProud Icon Guard of Proud Druid of Proud Thumb Druid of Proud Betrayal of Proud Betrayal of Proud
Rank 6 Falcon Armor Falcon Armor Suit of Helios Suit of Helios Robe of Rejection Robe of Rejection Force Armor of Obedience Force Armor of Obedience
Knight of departed soul icon Knight of Departed Soul Guard of Departed Soul Guard of Departed Soul Druid of departed soul icon Druid of Departed Soul Betrayal of departed soul icon Betrayal of Departed Soul
Rank 7 Lv 150 Itzmuna's Guardian Armor Sterling Guardian Armor Hunting God's Robe Ivory Robe White Majester Robe Crystalline Robe Brilliant Protector Glacial Armor
ErgonWarrior1 Ergon Cratos Chestplate ErgonHunter1 Ergon Cratos Hauberk ErgonMage1 Ergon Cratos Robe ErgonSummoner1 Ergon Cratos Tunic
MCWarrior1 Warrior's Master Armor MCHunter1 Hunter's Master Armor MCMage1 Magician's Master Armor MCSummoner1 Summoner's Master Armor
Lv 155 Doombringer Plate Voidwarp Armor Phoenix Feather Suit Obsidian Suit Nemesis Nemesis Armor Adamantium Coat Ashenslate Coat
Lv 160 Vulcanus' Masterpiece Sandspike Aegis Divine Protection of Silpheed Aurelian Garb Jahaq's Inheritance Stasis Robe Timewalker Artifact Amberscale Robe


Upgrading Costs

Defense Stats

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