Level: 1
Race: All
NPC: Lak Trader Schrire
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Town: Trainee Town
Objectives: Collect 1 x Lak from defeating Monsters
Experience: 159
JP: 12
Rupees: 3,600
Gen Points: 15
Basic: 50 Luna Chips
Previous Quest: Go to a Lak Trader
Next Quest: Return to Gildas


"Now that you have a Chaos Necklace, it's time to start collecting lak! If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you are missing out on! All you have to do is put on your Chaos Necklace and hunt monsters. That warm tingling sensation means it's working. Go collect 1 lak and bring it to me, and I'll give you some more boost chips!"


After accepting the quest, head anywhere outside of town. Kill any monsters until one lak has been collected. Return to Lak Trader Schrire in Trainee Town.


"Nice, you got Lak! Was it exciting? I'll created some Force Chips especially for you. That's right, Schrire's custom-made Force Chips for intense monster hunting!"

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