Level: 1
Race: Gaia
NPC: Guide Canopus
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Field: Tree of Life
Objectives: Defeat 3 x Little Roosters
Experience: 5
JP: 0
Rupees: 300
Gen Points: 2
Basic: 3 x Return Scrolls
Choice: Small Mace
Jungle Knife
Hunting Bow
Small Axe
Long Stick
Bonus: Attack Speed Increase Buff upon completion.
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Let's Learn Basic Skills (Gaia)


"Time for the first lesson, kid.
Hunt three Little Roosters. Simple, huh? Do it and I'll give you a new weapon. You can attack enemies by left-clicking on them and pressing the '1' key, or simply double-clicking them."


After accepting the quest, kill Little Roosters in the surrounding area until enough have been killed and then speak with Guide Canopus.


"You're off to a good start, kid! You'll be bagging anatemas in no time. Here's your weapon, as promised."

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