Level: 23
Race: All
NPC: Guide Prometh
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy Field
Field: Stump Logging Area
Objectives: Defeat
1 x Funny Mask (Boss)
Experience: 24,445
JP: 1,880
Rupees: 24,000
Gen Points: 288
Basic: Sta 1000
Choice: 80 x Luna Chips
5 x Black Bean Noodles
5 x Cold Spaghetti
Previous Quest: Official Request
Next Quest:


"Long time no see. Have you been training hard?
I have a job for you if you are ready. My superiors have asked us to put down Funny Masks. There's a large force of them to the south. Earn a name for yourself by slaying as many of them as you can find. They will be near the Stump Logging Area of south of Laksy's Anchor."


Teleport to Laksy's Anchor and head south to the Stump Logging Area. Funny Mask are in abundance here and tracking one down shouldn't take long. Once you defeat one, head back to Laksy and Guide Prometh.


"Do you feel that people look at you differently? You are already attracting people's attention. You must have been born with the qualities of a hero. Please do not lose the light you have now!"

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