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Silkhands' Yeti Tank BuildEdit

Silkhands 09:00, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

For Soul Breeders and other pet classes. Also works well with Hawkmen.

Level Skill JP Cost
1, 50, 100 Awakening: P.Def 30
1, 50, 100 Awakening: P.Atk 30
1 Creature Item Expert 1
10, 60, 110 Imprinting of Threat 15
15 Threatening Essence 1
20, 70, 120 Focused Blow 15
30, 80, 130 Clarity 15
40 Vital Unit: Warrior Costume 2
45, 95, 145 Unity: Yeti 30
51 evolution 1 Blessing of Strength (Basic) 10
90 Fighter Unit: Melee Weapon 2
101 evolution 2

Blessing of Strength (Intermediate)


Used: 161 JP

also will need blessing of vitality to the max if u want it to tank well also


Increased MP Recovery for constant skill usage on pet classes, and frequent usage on other classes
Increased Strength from the overbreed Blessings. With the higher level attack skills this goes straight to damage
Will not out-tank a good Knight or Soldier (or other tanking class), but will hold aggro from most others


Still testing...

Yetis have naturally high defensive capabilities, so this build focuses on damage and threat. Threatening Essence is a major MP drain and the Yeti skills already have +100% threat, so we only need one level of it to boost aggro. Clarity is maxed to allow constant skill use without running out of MP, or at least only slowly running out while Threatening Essence is running. The skill Yeti Slam is not worth investing in because it's expensive, has a fairly long cooldown, and doesn't do enough damage to justify the cost.

Try: Increasing Threatening Essence. Decreasing Clarity. Getting potion creation. Investing in Bless the Body. Investing in Yeti Slam.

Anonymous BuildEdit

1. This is just a tip, when i raised my yeti i was focusing on passive skills and defensive skills.

Awakening:P.def., Bless the Body, Meditation, Vital Unit:Warrior costume, Blessing of Vitality etc.

2. This is my build you may like it you may not.

Lvl 1 Creature Item Expert- 1jp(max)

2-22 Awakening P def- 10jp(max)

Awakening P atk- 10jp(max)

Threatening essence- 1jp

23-28 Bless the body- 5jp(max)

30-33 Meditation-5jp(max)

40 Warrior Costume 2jp(max)

Card ability: Vitality 2jp(max)

45-46 Unity Yeti 10jp(max)

47-50 Sharp Vision 4jp

(Over Breeding)

51-60 Blessing Of Vitality 10jp (max)

Blessing Of Agility 10jp (max)

...To be continued