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Silkhands 08:59, June 18, 2010 (UTC)

There are 2 main builds for the skelly, as well as kind of hybrid of the two which I wont mention here. Of these, perhaps only the power build is designed to take a few hits, mostly as the result of spike aggro from active skills. The skelly is not meant to tank.


The focus is on basic attack damage as well as attack speed. Active skills are ignored with this build, with the exception of the unity of course.


Awakening: P.Atk
Unity: Skeleton
Blessing of Strength
Fighter Unit: Dagger

And that's it. Give it hunter armor and a dagger and let it chase mobs down. Very simple and light on JP, but it wont really work until it gets the Fighter Unit at level 90.


High Crit rate
Low chance of drawing aggro


Active skills are wasted


This build is simply spike damage from active skills. Treat it like you would an Orc.


Awakening P.Atk
Skeleton Fury
Chaos Crash
Blessing of Strength
Corrupt Strike

This really is the skelly version of an Orc, and not as effective. Warrior armor and a 2h weapon are what you will want, for higher skill damage and resisting the occasional hit. Unity should always be taken, but it doesn't help this build much, since active skills aren't affected by attack speed. You may also want to add a few points to Bless the Body to keep it alive and Clarity for intense skill usage.


Burst damage


Armor and weapon passives are wasted

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*Creature Item Expert (Tier2), Awakening: P.Atk. (Tier2), Vital Unit: Hunter Costume (Tier2) and Fighter Unit: Dirk (Tier2) are must-have passives. They should be learned to increase the overall defense and attack of your Skeleton when a Dirk and Hunter Costume is equipped.*A Skeleton's skill set should focus on high attack speed and damage dealing abilities.*The Awakening: P.Def. (Tier2) passive should be invested in for classes with low defense. However, classes with tanking abilities, high defense or are simply planning to use their Skeleton as a dual summon, the JP used to max this passive could be more useful in active attacking skills.*Unity: Skeleton should be maxed for every build, although the Skeleton's Unity adds physical attack speed, which is useless to Clerics and Magicians. This attack speed will increase the overall damage output from the Skeleton.*The skeleton is a melee pet, meaning its mana management is poor. The skills used often require a high amount of mana compared to what is being regenerated. It is recommended for non-pet classes to either max Meditation (Tier2), or only use one active skill on auto cast.*It is very controversial and up to the player to do research on which soul stones should be added to the Skeletons equipment. Strength is a must have, though you must decide between vitality for defense or agility for evasion.

  • If you do not plan on using your Skeleton as a main pet, you can always equip it to your belt. By learning the card abilities for AtkSpd and Agility, your character will receive bonus stats that can be helpful to most of the Asura classes.

Feel free to add your preferred build below. Please do not edit other people's builds. )