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The main build for Sirens is an active, vitality and intelligence focused build. Because the Siren is mainly focused on debuffs, the active skills play a large role in the build. Magical attack and vitality (at higher levels) passives are very important. Unity is also an important skill as well as a few of the passive card and armor skills.

Feel free to add your preferred build below. Please do not edit other people's builds. Drennan 11:09, November 15, 2009 (UTC)

Sirens can play a very important debuff role in Dungeon parties and PvP. Because of the unity it is one of the few pets that has the ability to hit target mobs with debuff skills when the mobs are higher then the pet! Therefor the active perskills should be upped. Make sure that you choose the actives skills well. For example a "fear" debuff would be nice for dark/chaos magicians and archers/shadow hunters but not for everyone so if you like to DP this skill could have a bad side effect! Because of it's weak p.def. you can never make this pet tank or DD. But it's many debuff skills make it a fine asset to dark magicians, warlocks, chaos magicians, archers, shadow hunters and even for dual summoners like breeders - soulbreeders, sorcerers-battle summoners and evokers.