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For this Pet the build will side more to physical attack over magic attack. For melee build: Skip the Awakening M.Atk & M.Def. And focus on Whirlwind Kick, Bless the Body and Bloodthirst. Using maces over staff for this pet would be more favourable, as its primary attacks and skills are melee. Note: Bloodthirst is quite useless for magician classes and classes that use alot of skills since it is only activated on basic attack, and has a fixed recovery amount which will be offset by the lack of Hp Regen during the 4min of the buff. On the contrary, with a class such as the Assassin, with the self-buff Assassin Impact, it is quite beneficial due to the heavy number of basic attacks this class can deal.

Feel free to add your preferred build below. Please do not edit other people's builds. Drennan 11:02, November 6, 2009 (UTC)

Also the Octopus main armor should be summoner costume which means that it has a higher defense against magical attacks then it has on physical attacks. Therefor the build on soulstone would be str. vit when you use it purely for physical att./melee build. If you are going to up your magical attacks a single wisdom stone should give you extra magical accuracy!

For best DPS with non-pet class :

- Use 2h mace, stone Str + Int

- Max the 3 strike skill : whirling kick, Blood curse, Soul impact

- Max the M.Atk awakening, and lv 5 to 10 for clarity.

- And max the vampiric sucker of course.

This setup will give a kraken the ablity to do nearly as damage as a yeti-tank (it's unity will help to offset the lack of P.Att awakening). Because it has high intel stats (and the MP regen of his unity), it should no need of Mp max/ Mp regen. The cooldown of the two magic skill are to long for use with a staff but it will still increase their damage, upgrading the M.attk awakening is a good idea.

The use of ethereal MP recovery or Atk spd/Cast spd is highly convenient. MP recov could avoid the clarity CP for use then in bless the body, and give octopus more chance to survive if it gets targeted.

In DP, use all your attack skills. In solo, maybe the Blood curse will be useless.

A octopus like this is particularly usefull for : assassin, shadow hunter (in party), battle summoner (Playing with dirk), Evoker, and kahuna/druid