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*The recommended build for a Blue Pixie is a active skill based one with full attention to the various heals. As with all pets, the Unity skill is essential and is especially important here because the mana of a Blue Pixie can run out relatively quickly with several high level heals.

  • Recommended Skills to Add
    • Creature Item Expert(1JP)
    • Awakening: M.Att(10JP)
    • Prayer(5JP)
    • Celestial Prayer(5JP)
    • Bless the Soul(5JP)
    • Clarity(5JP)
    • Genius Unit: Magician Armour(2JP)
    • Unity: Blue Pixie(10JP)
    • Blessing of Intelligence(Optional)(10JP)
    • Card Ability: Intelligence(Optional)(2JP)

Total JP Spent: 55*These are the essential to add for Blue Pixie. M.att is a must as it increases a little of the healing spells depending on what you wanted. Bless the Soul and Clarity is also a must as they increases the MP and MP regeneration of the Blue Pixie. Card Ability is optional if you want to put your Blue Pixie on your belt as it gives 10% Intelligence (MP and a little M.Atk). Recommended for all mage class characters.*Blessing of Intelligence is very useable because it gives 20 m.atk and also 300 more mp so you can heal more at a time and heal more times.

Feel free to add your preferred build below. Please do not edit other people's builds. Drennan 20:16, November 4, 2009 (UTC)

Best build Stones + Skills: Int + Vit, (maybe some MP regen stones for a non-summoner class Gear: Warrior Costume ( since its really squishy ) + 2-Handed Staff

Advice on skilling:

For non-summoner class:

  • Pet_Creature_Item_Expert.png Creature item expert.
  • Pet_Clarity.png Mp regen
  • Pet_Bless_The_Body.png Max hp
  • Pet_Bless_The_Soul.png Max mp
  • Prayer.png Prayer heal
  • Celestial_Prayer.png Heal
  • Seraph%27s_Call.png Ress
  • Pet_Fighter_Unit.png 10% Matk passive
  • Unity_Blue_Pixie.png Unity

  • Best build Stones + Skills: (Int + Wis) Gear: (Magician Costume + 2-Handed Staff / 2-Handed Mace) Xorox