Since Epic VII, tamed pet cards can be enhanced (also called staged / cubed).

See for a list on these pets' stats.

How to Enhance a PetEdit

You need several different items:

  • The tamed pet card you want to enhance
  • Another tamed pet of the same type
  • A Soul Catalyst, which you can buy at the "Creature Enchanter" NPC at the Beginner Towns and Hidden Village.

The pets you start with are all stage 0. As usual, there is no guarantee in Rappelz to successfully enchanting a pet.

Open the Item Enhancing Window, place the petcard that you don't want to lose in the main slot, the other card and the Soul Catalyst in the lower part of the combine window and hit confirm. If it was successful, you now have a lvl 1 stage 1 pet of the combined race. To get higher stage pets you must continue to combine staged pets. For example, if you combine 2 Stage 1 pets(+1) in the same way, if you get a successful combination, you will have a level 1 Stage 2(+2) pet of the same type.

Also, there is a chance, although it is a relatively small chance, of receiving a Harlequin(Joker) pet upon a failed combination. This tends to happen more often at the higher stages (usually to +4 or +5), but can also happen at the lower stage combinations, with a far smaller chance.

You can start to enhance any pet as soon as is tamed (fresh) using as material a sencond also fresh pet. The level of the creature used to enhance has no effect on the succes of the Stagging but the level of the enhanced pet does.

Sugested levels to perform the Stage enhance are:

Stage Pet Lv. OB Evo Combination

Total Required Cards

1 1 0 I (P+P) = S1 2
2 60 +10 II (S1) + (S1) = S2 4
3 115 +25 III (S2) + (S2) = S3 8
4 150 +25 III (S3) + (S3) = S4 16
5 155 +25 III (S4) + (S4) = S5 32

How Enhancing Affects Your PetsEdit

Enhancing delivers the following attributes:

  • 8 extra jobpoints per stage
  • new passives [at lvl 5]
  • new skills [at lvl 55, when Evo 2 / 105 Evo 3]
  • new appearance (skin) of the pet
  • pets getting durability
  • max Card Ability level increase [1 level per stage]
  • max Unity level increase [1 level per stage]

Affecting Equipment SlotsEdit

With stage 1 the pet gains a new item slot for jewelry only.

With stage 3 and 5 you may equip artifact slots for Creature Artifacts.

For example the different slots on all 5 stages of an enhanced Death Tyrant (in reversed order):


Staged creatures start with 100 durability points. You can check them via hovering over the card in inventory - or open creature formation and see the scala. Enhanced pets lose durability on death. The higher the stage, the more durability they lose per death.

When a staged pet reaches 0 durability the petcard gets inactive. You can't summon the pet anymore (not tradable anymore, but warehousable). You have to recharge it first. To recharge durability on a staged pets, you have to buy a Soul Shifter from the Enchanteer NPC, and another untamed pet of the same race as the enhanced pet.

Open the Repair window from the inventory. The grey petcard to repair gets into the main slot, the other pet card  and the Soul Shifter into the lower part of combination window. This isn't luck based, but should work a 100%.

PetDurability Repair

Pet's Durability Repair

Gallery of New SkinsEdit