Earrings are not sold from NPCs, they can only be found as drops from monsters, quest rewards, or you may also buy them from other players.

Rank 2 EarringsEdit

R2 Earrings
Name P. Atk M. Atk P. Def M. Res (%) Crit. Pow Crit. %
Fang of Wind Icon Fang of Wind 10
Earring of Neophyte Icon Earring of Neophyte 20
Guardian Earring Icon Guardian Earring 4
Magical Earring Icon Magical Earring 1
Silent Jeopardy Icon Silent Jeopardy 10 1
Earring of Vassago Icon Earring of Vassago 20 1
Gothic Square Icon Gothic Square 4 1
Piece of Tablet Icon Piece of Tablet 1 1
Earring of Attacker Icon Earring of Attacker 10 1
Boom of Soul Icon Boom of Soul 20 1
Rain Crust Icon Rain Crust 4 1
Earring of Wicca Icon Earring of Wicca 1 1

Rank 3 EarringsEdit

R3 Earrings
Name P. Atk M. Atk P. Def M. Res (%) Crit. Pow Crit. %
Fang of Gust Icon Fang of Gust 16
Earring of Zelator Icon Earring of Zelator 32
Powerful Guardian Earring Icon Powerful Guardian Earring 8
Wizardry Earring Icon Wizardry Earring 2
Blind Crisis Icon Blind Crisis 16 2
Earring of Agares Icon Earring of Agares 32 2
Shell of Capri Icon Capri Shell 8 2
Wall of Sabbath Icon Wall of Sabbath 2 2
Earring of Assailant Icon Earring of Assailant 16 2
Soul of Song Icon Soul of Song 32 2
Sun Crust Icon Sun Crust 8 2
Earring of Crawly Icon Earring of Crawly 2 2

Rank 4 EarringsEdit

R4 Earrings
Name P. Atk M. Atk P. Def M. Res (%) Crit. Pow Crit. %
Fang of Storm Icon Fang of Storm 26
Earring of Theoricus Icon Earring of Theoricus 52
Sosipolis' Earring Icon Sosipolis' Earring 12
High Wizardry Earring Icon High Wizardry Earring 3
Hidden Beryl Icon Hidden Peril 26 3
Earring of Bael Icon Earring of Bael 52 3
Protection of Ganesha Icon Protection of Ganesha 12 3
Damballahs Scale Icon Damballahs Scale 3 3
Earring of Assaulter Icon Earring of Assaulter 26 3
Scream of Soul Icon Scream of Soul 52 3
Marble Crust Icon Marble Crust 12 3
Thelema Icon Thelema 3 3

Rank 5 EarringsEdit

R5 Earrings
Name P. Atk M. Atk P. Def M. Res (%) Crit. Pow Crit. %
WaveE Wave Earrings 36
PoisonE Poison Earrings 72
NightWind Night Wind 16
BloodyFangE Bloody Fang Earrings 4
Gloomcrown Earrings Gloomcrown Earrings 36 4
Earrings of Aman Earrings of Aman 72 4
Coralcut Earrings Coralcut Earrings 16 4
Eye of Aureus Eye of Aureus 4 4
Joy of Anessa Joy of Anessa 36 4
Earrings of Undine Earrings of Undine 72 4
Earrings of Sylph Earrings of Sylph 16 4
Earrings of Salamander Earrings of Salamander 4 4

Rank 6 EarringsEdit

R6 Earrings
Name P. Atk M. Atk P. Def M. Res (%) Crit. Pow Crit. %
GoldenE Golden Earrings 46
Missing Moon Missing Moon 92
FrozenSun Frozen Sun 20
SeaE Sea Earrings 5
Crying Siren Crying Siren 46 5
Earrings of Valafar Earrings of Valafar 92 5
Blessed Earth Blessed Earth 20 5
Blood of Medusa Blood of Medusa 5 5
Anger of Anessa Anger of Anessa 46 5
Goldspiral Earrings Goldspiral Earrings 92 5
Earrings of Sylape Earrings of Sylape 20 5
Earrings of Selist Earrings of Selist 5 5

Rank 7 EarringsEdit

R7 Earrings
Name P. Atk M. Atk P. Def M. Res (%) Crit. Pow Crit. %
Earthquake Earrings Earthquake Earrings 60
Earrings of Evelyn Earrings of Evelyn 120
Despair of Silairon Despair of Silairon 24
Darkmoon Earrings Darkmoon Earrings 6
Argoth's Fury Argoth's Fury 60 6
Earrings of Marbas Earrings of Marbas 120 6
Azurebeam Earrings Azurebeam Earrings 24 6
Tears of Lamia Tears of Lamia 6 6
Sorrow of Anessa Sorrow of Anessa 60 6
Grief of Endairon Grief of Endairon 120 6
Despair of Silairon (Crit Rate) Despair of Silairon 24 6
Melancholy of Salam Melancholy of Salam 6 6

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