This is simply a party formed for the purpose of slaying mobs found in dungeons. A DP is like team work. The definition of good or bad party depends on how members co work together to draw out maximum killling speed as possible without dying much. Since E5, especially E5 part2, most of skill damages got huge boost and short cast time. To obtain highest kill speed, party members should use often skill attacks instead of using lazy traditional hack and slash methods. However some classes ,whose main damage sources come from basic melee attacks, still like to remain same with their playing styles. Some extra efforts by pushing more keys are noticed significantly though.

Members should have maximum buffs, debuffs skills to cover weakness and strengthen for rest of party. Therefore a good mixed party with right rythm will satisfy all.

Following is a general idea for a party member setup, assuming party members have usual gears, pets. But it may vary due to some of factors , ex : experiences in DP, mobs type/lvl,member' lvls, pimped gears/pets,...

Class Role
Cleric|Priest|Bishop Buffer, Main Healer
Kahuna|Druid|Battle Huna Buffer,Support Healer, Crowd Control, dd
HolyWarrior|Knight|Soldier Tank, DD, Debuffer
Breeder|Soul Breeder Pet Healer, pet Buffer, DD
Sorc|Battle Summoner|Assassin Pet's Boost with Aura, DD
Fighter|Spellsinger| Champion|Evoker|Assassin DD, Off Tank, Debuffer
Dark Mage| Chaos Mage| Warlock DD, buffer, Debuffer,Crowd Control
Strider|Shadow Hunter| Archer|Battle Summoner Puller, DD, debuffer

All the advice given for a party applies and additional guides have been written for each level of Dungeon Party:

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