After defeating a mob there is a chance that rupee and/or items may be dropped by that mob. If something is dropped by a mob then for a few minutes the ownership of the item remains with whichever party delivered the most damage to the mob. After this time the drop may be picked up by any player.

Purple and Dark Blue mobs 6 or more levels below your Lv will not drop items but will drop rupee from time to time. Mobs equal to or higher than 5 levels below your Lv will always drop rupee and will drop items of varying degrees of rarity with corresponding degrees of probability.

  • There is no increased probability of drops from defeating a higher level mob.
  • The drops from higher level mobs are not more valuable or more rare than they would be if you were equal level.

When you pick up an item it is described in the Item Related chat channel. The font color used to describe the item corresponds to the item's rank.

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