A character is the main way a player interacts with the game environment. When planning your character, you must first select a Race and you will be given the Beginner Job for that race. Once you have advanced to Lv10 and JLv10 on Trainee Island you may decide on your 1st Job transfer. That is when you choose your 1st Job.

You get to choose your 2nd Job at Lv50 and JLv40, and you can get your Master Class at Lv148 and at JLv50.

Your character's determines the Skill Tree you have access to. Some armor and Helmets are restricted for use by a certain race, job class or job.

Here are the jobs available to you.

Asura Deva Gaia
Beginner Stepper Guide Rogue
Warrior 1st Strider Holy Warrior Fighter
2nd Assassin Knight Champion
Master Slayer Templar Berserker
Hunter 1st Strider Holy Warrior Fighter
2nd Shadow Hunter Soldier Archer
Master Deadeye Mercenary Marksman
Magician 1st Dark Magician Cleric Kahuna
2nd Chaos Magician Priest Battle Kahuna
Warlock Bishop Druid
Master Void Mage Oracle War Kahuna
Corruptor Cardinal Magus
Summoner 1st Sorcerer Breeder Spell Singer
2nd Battle Summoner Soul Breeder Evoker
Master Overlord Master Breeder Beast Master

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