Dungeons are locations in Rappelz where the monsters are closer together, and stronger than field mobs. The following dungeons are currently available:

Dungeon Mob Level Range
Ursa CavernsTier-based
Navislamia10 - 17
Vulcanus30+ - Tier-based
Relics of Arid Moonlight30 - 50
Lost Mines50 - 70
Crystal Valley70 - 90
Palmir Plateau90 - 113
The Sanctuary120 - 145
Temple of Ancients125 - 150
Temple of Lost Souls145 - 170
Temple of Exiles165 - 190

For Relics of Arid Moonlight, Lost Mines, Crystal Valley and Palmir Plateau, two instances exist. For Ursa Caverns, an instance is created for every party.

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