Level: 11
Race: All
NPC: Guide Prometh
Zones: Area: Laksy Area
Region: Laksy Field
Objectives: Defeat
16 x Short Hairy Eye
10 x Hungry Hairy Eye
6 x Lazy Orc Junior
Experience: 1,386
JP: 106
Rupees: 12,800
Gen Points: 52
Choice: 5 x Red Potions Lv 2
5 x Blue Potions Lv 1
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Sagittarius (quest)


"I guide the trainees who have just graduated from Trainee Island. I provide beginners who know nothing about how to survive on this rough continent with a simple warmup. There are monsters like orcs and yetis gathered south of Laksy's Anchor. Thin their numbers and then return to me."


After accepting the quest, teleport down to Laksy's Anchor and head south from there. The Hairy Eyes and Junior Orcs can be found just over the bridge leading south from Laksy's Anchor. Kill the required number of monsters and then return to Guide Prometh.


"Excellent. You are still inexperienced, but you have a chance of surviving in this continent."

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