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In addition of a small P.Def & Weight bonus, belts also allow you to equip a pet card. A pet with the right skill can give you various bonuses once belted.

Also from level 150 there are other kinds of belts with different effect and stat and can be checked on Jewelry Sets page.

Rank Name P.Def Max Extra Weight Weight
R2Rank 2: Light Belt icon Light Belt 6 200 22
R3Rank 3: Great Belt icon Great Belt 12 700 24
R4Rank 4: Excellent Belt icon Excellent Belt 18 1300 26
R5Rank 5: Ancient Belt icon Ancient Belt 25 2000 28
R6Rank 6: Guard Belt icon Guard Belt 31 2800 30
R7Rank 7: Lv 150 Corona Belt icon Corona Belt 37 3600 32
Master Class BeltMC Master Belt 38 3600 32
Lv 155 Belt155 Ash Belt 38 3600 32
Lv 160 Belt160 Riptide Belt 39 3600 32
Lv 160 Bearskinbelt Bear Skin Belt 41 3960 + 3% 36

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