The AH (Auction House) is a more efficient market for selling and buying items than habitually browsing shops in every village on the map. Check the changing notices at the bottom of the AH window for any recent changes to the system. Only the common sources of confusion are discussed here.


Rondo's AH - now removed


Due to the recent Epic 6 update, the 'Auction House' is now replaced by 'Auction Brokers'; NPC's located in multiple areas in each major town, mostly near the towns' Warehouse Keepers. There is also an Auction Broker in the Flea Market, which is accessible by the 'Flea Market Ambassador' NPC's in each major town.  

Registration FeeEdit

You bring any items you wish to sell to the AH and register each one. Registering individually is the most common however you may also register batches of the same item. You cannot register batches of mixed items. When you register you choose the term (duration) for each auction:

  • short term (6hrs)
  • mid term (24hrs)
  • long term (72hrs)

You must also specify a starting price and you may optionally specify a buy now price.

You are charged a Registration Fee equal to a small percentage of the starting bid price. The percentage depends on the term you selected:

  • 3% for short term (6hrs)
  • 4% for mid term (24hrs)
  • 5% for long term (72hrs)

This registration fee is refunded if the item sells or if the auction runs to full term and nobody bids. The registration fee is not refunded if you cancel the auction before the term expires.

While the registration fee is refunded if the item sells, a separate fee of 3% of the sale price is levied. This is most easily verified in the situation where someone buys your item using the "Buy now" feature, where the sale proceeds are only 97% of the "Buy now" price that you set, or when the only bid made was at the initial minimum bid price that you set, where the proceeds are only 97% of that initial minimum bid price. The initial bid price defaults to the price that NPC shopkeepers will pay for the item. If you place an item at auction, you accept the default minimum bid price, and the item sells at that price, then you receive 3% less than what you would have earned by selling the item directly to an NPC shopkeeper. Hence in general, you should always set the initial bid price higher than the offered default.

AH SearchEdit

Forget about shouting PC item in the Ad chat channel, those days are long gone. Use the AH search feature to carefully search for items of interest. The search function is case sensitive and order sensitive.

It does not matter which AH you visit. Your search covers all items put up for auction in the Rappelz world.

First select a category, e.g. Skill Cards or 2H Axe, then type in a word you expect to find in the item description, e.g. Blessing or Blade. Click the [Search] button. Note: The search is case sensitive, i.e. Blessing, not blessing, or the search won't find anything.

You can be more specific with your search if you're returning too many unwanted results, i.e. if one were searching for Creature Taming Card and only using Creature as search criteria, you would return several other results as well as what you wanted. You can type the entire Creature Taming Card in such instances, or just a few extra words if need be.

One or more pages of results are returned and the list may be sorted by any of the columns by clicking a column header. Click a second time to reverse the sort order.

Why are there multiple pages?
Well at least one observant AH user claims that the highest numbered page "N of N" are for auctions that were started the longest ago. The listings on page "1 of N" are for auctions that were registered only recently. This is consistent with the observation that the last page will usually have more items with a "short term" remaining while the first page usually has more items with a "long term" remaining.

Storage BoxEdit

Whether buying or selling an item the storage box is where you go to pick up the new purchase or the proceeds of a sale. Don't forget because after 14 days the items and rupees disappear!

Unlike the warehouse which is shared by all characters on the same account the storage box is not shared by other characters on the same account. Be careful to keep track of which of your characters is doing the AH buying and selling. Monitor that character's AH status at least once a week.

AH MessagesEdit

Messages from the AH about items you are bidding on show up in the General Chat channel. This is an unfortunate assignment especially if you spend a lot of time around other players! At the very least you should learn about disabling Shout and Ad chat to avoid having important AH messages get carried off screen with all of that chat.If you send a message youre friend wil recive it quickly!

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