Level: 1
Race: Asura
NPC: Guide Arocel
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Field: Dusk Veil
Objectives: Defeat 3 x Young Opuds
Experience: 5
JP: 0
Rupees: 300
Gen Points: 2
Basic: 3 x Return Scrolls
Choice: Small Mace
Jungle Knife
Hunting Bow
Small Axe
Long Stick
Bonus: Attack Speed Increase Buff upon completion.
Previous Quest:
Next Quest: Let's Learn Basic Skills (Asura)


"I will now give you your first assignment. Relax. It's an easy one. Kill the local opuds. They're a species of Pantera in this area. Slay the opuds and I'll reward you with a new weapon. You can attack enemies by left-clicking on them and pressing the '1' key, or simply double-clicking them."


After accepting the quest, kill Opuds in the surrounding area. Once enough have been killed, return to Guide Arocel.


"You're not as dumb as you look. Here is your weapon as promised. Let me tell you about collecting items before we move on."

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