Level: 1
Race: All
NPC: Tutor Sistina
Zones: Area: Trainee Island
Field: Elementary Tutor Camp
Objectives: Achieve Job Lv 3
Experience: 32
JP: 2
Rupees: 1,500
Gen Points: 6
Basic: 5 x Trainee's Red Potion
Choice: Trainee's Quick Potion
Previous Quest: Go to an Elementary Tutor (Asura)
Go to an Elementary Tutor (Deva)
Go to an Elementary Tutor (Gaia)
Next Quest: A Skilled Asura
A Skilled Deva
A Skilled Gaia


"Listen carefully. This first lesson is very important.

Did you notice that you can't get any more skills after Body Training? This is because you must increase your Job Level to learn new skills. Pres ALT-S to open your Skill window and click JLv UP until you have achieved JLv 3."


After accepting the quest, open the Skill window. Click on the JLv UP button towards the top left corner of the Skill window. Speak with Tutor Sistina after reaching Job Level 3.


"You have reached job level 3. Good. You are now ready to learn more skills. Well done!"

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